What are the benefits of a good quality shed?

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If you’re in the market to purchase a new shed, you probably have a few questions about which shed is best for you. We always recommend a secure metal shed as it provides the top level of security, as well as ensuring your bikes, motorbikes, and tools and accessories are stored safely in your garden or open space.

So, what are the benefits of a good quality shed?

It’s all about the weight! A metal shed can weigh anything up to a tonne depending on the make and model, and with weight comes strength and security. A good quality all-metal shed will be made from heavy duty galvanised steel, making it tough and weatherproof. When choosing a shed, look for shed with built-in floors. An integral floor, will add to the strength and security, and it will give you the added benefit of being able to bolt the shed down for even more security... and of course, it won’t blow away.

What level of security do they provide?

Your belongings are much better in a heavy duty shed because with all that weight comes strength. There is little chance of a casual thief breaking in when confronted with a Police approved (Secured by Design) shed. A good quality heavy duty shed can also have reinforced panels and multiple locking points with pick-and-drill resistant locks for that added security. 

The metal panels of an Asgard shed interlock and are screwed together from all four sides. Additionally, Asgard metal sheds also come with integrated metal floors, making it a fully secure box with no way of entering.

bolting down secure metal shed

How long does a metal shed last?

Metal is hard-wearing. If your choice of shed is galvanised and painted, there is virtually no maintenance needed! Unlike a wooden shed that will require annual repainting or an untreated shed which will invariably rot without repainting. 

Galvanised steel has a coating of zinc, that when intact, stops corrosive substances from reaching the underlying steel or iron. Asgard sheds are made with fully galvanised steel, making the shed weatherproof and safe from rust. Our sheds also come with a 10-year warranty.

Galvanised steel

Other benefits of a heavy-duty all-metal shed:

Metal sheds can take a beating, their inherent strength ensures they are able to withstand heavy snowfall and driving rain. Additionally, good sheds don’t leak, with no felt to be blown off a metal shed keeps the weather at bay. 

Rodent Proof
A metal shed is not going to get gnawed through by the local field mice. And with Asgards integral metal base, there is no chance any rodents will be getting through! 

Weather Resistant
Good sheds don’t leak, with no felt to be blown off a metal shed keeps the weather at bay.

Fire Resistant
Metal is not flammable, so the risk of a shed fire is reduced. 

Condensation Resistant
The main worry is metal sheds will have a condensation build-up that can rust or ultimately damage the belongings in your shed. Asgard sheds come with hidden ventilation in the roof to prevent this, with some models come with additional vented sides for motorcycles and bigger cycle sheds.  Read about metal shed condensation

Child Safe
Splinters and exposed nails are a huge worry with wooden sheds. Asgard metal sheds are built from the inside, which means there are NO exposed nails. The painted finish ensures a smooth outside.

Pick the correct shed

So it may seem silly, but you should carefully consider which shed is best for you, it's not just size that matters!  or the price! Check out the quality and suitability for your needs.. and remember you really do get what you pay for.

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