Bad Shed Installation

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Bad shed installation

Here at Asgard, we love to hear feedback from customers, especially if they’ve documented their shed installations in pictures. This customer decided to send in a case study of how they managed to make a mess of assembling their shed installation. In fact, this shed was installed so badly, our customer wanted us to share it with you, as a reminder not to make any of these mistakes, when installing your own metal Asgard shed.

Getting the base wrong

For an Asgard shed to work properly, a firm a level base is required. Here you’ll find that the customer has chosen to use their very own bespoke solution, to create a base for the shed. A few pieces of chipboard, a log, a pile of old newspapers, and a broken laptop have all been used to level the base of this shed. This has all been piled on a bit of dirt on the side of the house jammed up against a trampoline, and a line of conifers.  It also looks like the rubber floor grommets are on the floor next to the shed!

  Laptop shed base Asgard

So, what’s wrong with this unusual installation?

Asgard always recommends using a firm level base. This is because a level base ensures the doors operate smoothly and the locks work. The doors in this installation do not close properly because they are not clearly aligned. At the front, the roof doesn’t close smoothly, and as you can see, the locking mechanism doesn’t work. The only way to lock the shed is to force the roof down. This will twist the roof and eventually damage the gas struts, requiring a replacement roof.

More problems are waiting to happen underneath the shed. When an Asgard metal shed is placed on-top-of soil, condensation is likely to penetrate, inside the unit. Because there aren’t any rubber grommets in the floor, rainwater could leak in from under the shed. Pools of water inside the shed could rise and damage expensive equipment inside.

A concrete base will help to prevent moisture from rising into the shed, reduce condensation, and will also allow the customer to bolt the unit to the ground, increasing security.

Behind the shed is a line of conifers. Overnight trees and shrubs create moisture, which is often seen as morning mist. If you place your Asgard shed to close to foliage, it allows the moisture to seep in through the ventilation slots in the roof. This unit is so close to the trees the roof won’t allow the doors to open without hitting them.  The Access shed requires an additional 100mm of clearance space at the rear to allow the roof to lift.

We notice that only half of the screws have been used in the construction – yes Asgard sheds come with a huge amount of screws – the reason is the sheds are built inside out specifically to make them strong and secure -a number of fixings are a sign of security, without them the shed isn’t as secure as it could be.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of this story, which will see our installation hero Stu put things right!

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