Asgard Shed Move for Paralympians Claire Cashmore & Dave Ellis

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Claire Cashmore Shed Move

Asgard shed move for Paralympians Claire Cashmore and Dave Ellis.

Back in 2020, we collaborated with Paralympian Claire Cashmore and partner Dave Ellis gifting them a Centurion Bike Shed x6 - a secure Police approved walk-in bike storage shed. The bike shed came in excellent time as they used the shed to train for the delayed Tokyo Olympics during Covid-19. Claire got very creative with the Centurion shed, using it to turbo train in the heat and they even tethered themselves to the shed to swim consistently in a back garden pool! 

"The shed is amazing! It’s made such a difference having somewhere secure to put my bike. I am also hoping to use it as a turbo room for a bit of heat prep" - Claire Cashmore MBE.

Fast forward to 2023, Claire and Dave had moved home and were missing their bike shed. A Centurion shed is a little trickier to relocate than our previous shed moves for Paralympian Jody Cundy and Olympian Elinor Barker’s Access sheds. Due to the large construction and siliconed panels, dismantling and reconstructing the Centurion shed whilst maintaining the high quality finish is no small task!

"We can’t blame Claire and Dave for wanting to keep their Centurion bicycle shed - it’s a great piece of kit! As the Centurion 5ft x 9ft shed uses optional silicone to ensure 100% weatherproof construction, separating the panels takes a little longer with silicone. We decided to keep the majority of the panels together and divide them into extra large pieces - the sides, back and roof. This allows us to minimise any damage. - Stuart, Asgard Shed Installation Team

Professional bike storage

Who is Dave Ellis? 

Originally, Dave Ellis was a Paralympic swimmer representing GB at the Beijing Games, however after narrowly missing out on the London 2012 Paralympics, he joined Claire in becoming a Triathlete. Dave instantly smashed it in the Triathlon circuit becoming a five-time world and five-time European champion. He has less than 10% vision and races with a guide through the 3 sections of the triathlon. Unfortunately, Dave had a broken bike chain at Tokyo 2020 and withdrew from the race - team Asgard is hoping to see him again at the Paris 2024 where hopefully he’ll have more luck!

Who Is Claire Cashmore?

Since we last caught up with Claire, she’s gained another medal claiming Bronze in Tokyo 2020, making her a five-time Paralympian! Claire is also a two-time European and five-time British champion. Like Dave, Claire started off in swimming and transitioned to triathlon after Rio 2016 games. Claire may also be recognisable from Channel 4’s Meet the Superhumans campaign in 2012, as she was on billboards across the country and spoke openly about her disability, as she was born without a left forearm.

Bicycle storage shed x6 Police approved bike shed

What is the Centurion Bike Shed x6?

The Centurion Bike Shed x6 is a walk-in bicycle shed with an apex roof and double door access and measures 5ft wide by 9ft deep. This metal shed model is one of our high-security sheds with Loss Prevention Certification Board level 1 certification, Secured by Design (Police) approved status and UK Locksmith Association Board approval. These excellent accreditations are due to our reinforced galvanised steel panels and doors, an integral metal base that can be bolted to the floor, welded hinges and a 5-point locking system. The locking mechanism features an EN1303-rated pick-and-drill resistant lock, the highest level of durability, temperature and corrosion resistance and features deadbolts behind the door. All these security features alongside a unique ventilation system, give cycling enthusiasts and professional cyclists the confidence that their bikes are safe, secure and dry.

FAQ’s on Shed Moves

Is it difficult to move an Asgard Shed?

Many Asgard customers have successfully disassembled and re-assembled their Asgard sheds successfully multiple times - and they going up like new. Any models with siliconed joints will be a little trickier and you must be careful to avoid damage during disassembly- however, with care a full disassemble should not prove too much of a challenge.

How do I know if my shed has silicone in it? 

If you find your shed model on our website, click on the instructions button on the right-hand side, you can see if your shed has silicone in the list of parts. If you are not sure on your shed model, please send a photo to customer services at

How do I disassemble am Asgard shed? 

We recommend following the instructions backwards to successfully disassemble your shed. As always we would recommend at least two people undertake the exercise, due to the size and weight of the panels.

How do I transport Asgard shed panels?

We recommend you protect your shed panels during transport with large cardboard sheets and/or blankets and potentially secure the panels into position to ensure they don’t fall.

Does Asgard have a shed move service?

Unfortunately, we currently don’t offer a shed moving service at this time.

What happens if I damage my Asgard shed when I’m moving it?

As we manufacture all our sheds ourselves, we can manufacture replacement individual components and parts, supply fixing kits with new screws (so you don’t have to count up each individual screw!), and also have touch-up paint available if you do scratch your panels. 

Do you have any tips for moving an Asgard shed?

  1. We’d advise you to take the opportunity to check for dents and treat any deep scratches when re-assembling in your chosen spot. 

  2. When removing a wooden floor, partially screw in a shed screw into the floor, this gives you something to grip when lifting the floor - and always use two people, as the floors are very heavy.

  3. When removing the roof always use two people, once unfixed the roof can move/ slip down the unit, and they are very heavy.

  4. Contact customer services for a new installation pack - you can reuse the existing screws from your shed, but a new pack will ensure you have enough of everything.

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