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Shed Gutter System

Guttering for Sheds - Harvest water from your Asgard metal shed

Introducing the new Asgard Shed Guttering Kit, designed to easily collect rainwater from your metal shed apex roof, helping you effortlessly store water for your garden or allotment when you need it most. 

“Do Asgard Sheds have a guttering system to collect rainwater?” and “Can I fit a gutter to my Asgard?” are frequently asked questions by our customers - and the answer is now Yes! Asgard apex roof sheds can now be easily fitted with a shed gutter system with our new gutter brackets.

The average rainfall in the UK is widely different year-to-year and per region, with some people experiencing ample rainfall (almost too much for us Northerners!), whilst more Southern regions can experience hosepipe bans. No matter where you are based, harvesting rainfall can be very useful for simply watering plants, topping up a pond, having an easy source of water where the hosepipe won’t quite reach, or as a backup if the dreaded hosepipe bans come in. If you are also on a water meter, harvesting water from your shed can also reduce your water bills!

You’ll be surprised at how much a simple shed guttering system can collect. (This widely depends on your shed location, waterbutt size and if both of your shed has a gutter system hooked up). 

What Asgard Sheds can be fitted with Shed Guttering? 

The Asgard Gutter Kit is compatible with Asgard apex roof sheds; the Centurion Shed Range, Gladiator Shed Range, Garrison Workshop Shed, Flexistore Garden Shed Range, Saracen Shed and Sentry Shed.

What's Included in the Shed Guttering Kit?

The Asgard shed guttering kit includes 16 shed gutter brackets in dark grey, designed to suit any Asgard apex roof shed. Please note you may not need all 16 clips depending on the size of your Asgard metal shed. We recommend 2 clips per one full-size (1m approx) side panel, for example, a 5x7 shed has 2 full-size panels down each side, if you had guttering on both sides, you would need 8 gutter brackets.

These shed gutter brackets are designed to fit with readily available FloPlast Mini Line half-round fascia brackets (76mm), gutters, stop end outlets, downpipes, overflow pipe and your chosen waterbutt for a full shed guttering system (not included). 

How do I fit the Asgard Shed Gutter Brackets?

Designed to seamlessly fit onto your Asgard metal shed, these shed gutter brackets utilise pre-drilled holes to slide in between the shed panel and the roof - securely clamping into position. To fit simply loosen the pre-existing shed roof screws, hook the brackets over and adjust to create a fall within the guttering system, and tighten the screws back up to clamp into position. 

Will you fit the Asgard Shed Guttering During Shed Installation?

If you’ve bought an Asgard shed, Asgard shed installation service and guttering brackets, we can install the brackets during installation if you also have the compatible FloPlast Mini Line 76mm guttering clips (not supplied by Asgard, available in most DIY Stores).

Please note, that if you do not have the correct gutter clips ready to fit onto the Asgard gutter brackets, we may not install the gutter brackets. This is at the discretion of the Asgard installation team. Please note, that we do not fit the entire gutter system, only the gutter brackets and connecting gutter clips (if supplied).

Can I retrofit the Asgard Gutter Brackets to my shed?


Will the Shed Guttering System Affect the Ventilation System?

The guttering system should not interfere with the Asgard shed ventilation system. However, it is important your shed guttering is installed with a slight fall in the gradient and is regularly cleaned to ensure the water quickly flows away. Please note, that we recommend an overflow pipe is installed to your shed guttering system in the event your waterbutt is full and backs up to the shed. 

Sounds good, where can I find the Asgard Shed Gutter Kit?

Please click here to purchase the Asgard shed gutter brackets.

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