Asgard Outdoor Woodburner

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Asgard outdoor wood burner stove

Asgard Outdoor Woodburner

The Burner King, a dedicated wood burner from Asgard, is the latest British designed and made product from our West Yorkshire manufacturing plant. We took a retrospective look at the outdoor stove as our 1st few customers took delivery…

Why did Asgard design a dedicated Outside Wood Burner?  

“Asgard has a great reputation for making rock-solid, super secure sheds, our cutting edge machinery can make pretty much anything out of metal.  Our customers kept sending us these amazing pictures of their new Asgard sheds in the garden, and we lost count of how many times these pictures had wood burners or chimineas in the background… so, we had a light bulb moment!” - Basil King, Asgard Product Development

Our sister company, Flexiform Business Furniture (designers and manufacturers of Office Furniture), make storage cabinets and office lockers, often with vision panels (glass doors) which are not too dissimilar in design to a wood burner.  So, with Asgard's great reputation for build quality and Flexiform’s experience, it seemed to be the next logical step.

How did we design the Asgard Woodburner?

Our Head of Product Development (Basil King) came to the rescue, Basil has been working with metalwork for decades, so he really knows his stuff when it comes to cutting and bending metal sheets. The design is deceptively simple on the outside, it looks like a big box!

Inside is a different story, an angled (fully ventilated) baffle system is in place. This ingenious design absorbs the direct heat from the flame/ heat source, and dispersers it around the woodburner, giving 360 degrees of heat. Perfect for sitting out late into those summer evenings.


Outside wood burner with dual hotplates

Does it work? 

Does it get hot?? Oh yes, the heat dispersion is excellent, the internal baffle system helps to evenly distribute heat around the front, the back and the sides of the unit. The underside of the burner gets hot (obviously), but nowhere near as hot as the sides or top, so you really maximise the heat dispersion to you and your guests rather than losing it to the ground.

The top actually gets hot enough to cook on (after 30 mins or so), so after the initial product test was completed we added a pair of hot plates. Product test 2 involved breakfast cooked outside to great success - and taste! 


What else is clever? 

Removable trays inside make cleaning really easy, the trays are slotted giving great internal airflow (with the vented baffles) so a good flame is easily obtainable, yet they lift out in seconds ready for cleaning the ashes and debris out once cool enough to do so.

How about cleaning in general?

The removable trays are one great cleaning aid, but the heat resistant glass can also be cleaned easily to keep your burner looking good. The heavy-duty glass is roped as well as heat resistant so any black marks from dirty fuel can simply be wiped off using newspaper or an oven cleaning product like Hob Bright. The outside of the woodburner just needs a wipe down after each use once cool. The nature of the material means it will naturally patina over time, and the initial shine will dull to a natural, earthy looking colour.

Asgard Woodburner with large glass door
Outdoor woodburner & log burner

The chimney

The chimney is an impressive 1m tall and can be removed for storage by means of two internal screws, although we recommend considering one of our tough outdoor burner covers as an easier and quicker option to store the woodburner with the chimney still attached.

What’s the cowl for?

The cowl looks great!! It will stop birds from landing on your chimney or ever nesting in it during long periods of the burner not being used, or from anyone putting anything down the chimney and/or other obstructions.

Glass vision panel

The huge glass door gives an amazing view of the flames, you can feel the warmth and see the warmth, and it creates a great atmospheric glow at night, perfect for that late evening party.

Why is the Buner so heavy?

Yes, 75kg is heavy – it’s because the Burner King is made of heavy-duty steel, this is not a flimsy supermarket-bought outdoor stove that will be used once and thrown away, it’s a (semi) permanent piece of garden furniture. We also include ground bolts, so you can bolt it to your patio to help to prevent theft.

How is the woodburner delivered?

The Woodburner is delivered a little differently to our normal sheds, each woodburner is wrapped and delivered on a palette - so your 1st burn is free, simply break up the delivery palette!

What can I burn on the woodburner? Can I burn garden rubbish?

The Asgard woodburner should only be used to burn Chiminea logs or dry logs – anything else can result in damage or uncontrollable heat, certainly never use accelerants such as petrol or lighter fluid. This is not a garden incinerator so general rubbish should not be burnt.

The Burner King, a dedicated woodburner can be found here.

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