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Balcony bike storage shed in London

Asgard installation - 30 Floors High

Asgard has installed a lot of sheds for a lot of people and in unusual locations, but this recent London installation was something else! Stuart Paul is a professional photographer based in London, however, his residence was a little unusual and not a normal Asgard installation. Stuart was looking for a safe and secure way of storing his bikes and patio equipment in …. His 30th-floor penthouse flat in London!

This was quite a challenge, as we have never installed our sheds in such a high location before! The Asgard Access shed weighs in at around 20 stone and is huge! Our design team designed Asgards in panel form so they could be transported easily and fit in through houses, through side gates and into standard lifts …. This was the real test!! Either in the lift or up 30 flights of stairs … tense times!!!!

“The Design team lived up to their word, a perfect fit into the lift, good news as we didn't fancy 30 flights” - Steve - Asgard Installation team

Metal bike storage shed

“There is no better-quality product on the market. Nothing close. Simply buy your sheds from Asgard. Every other company I looked at was very inferior in build quality...These are solid as a rock”  - Stuart Paul - Commercial Photographer

Asgard Bikebox Storage for 2 Bikes

This installation was unique in so many ways, the location was breathtaking, the building huge and the access tricky, but we pre-met the customer a day or so before, discussed access times and restrictions, checked out the locations and that was it. A few days later we installed 2 bike sheds in an incredible location - I'm happy to say, first time with no issues! Security is not a real issue all the way up there, but we bolted the sheds down for peace of mind, as it's quite windy.

“Thank you Asgard for a swift, professional and tidy installation. I can now keep my bikes dry outside, ready for a commute to the office at a moment's notice.” - Stuart Paul

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