An introduction to Ethical Cycling Fashion Brand Glow

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Have you ever worn a hi-vis jacket? They do the job but don’t exactly scream ‘fashionable’, so this is where Glow stepped in…

Precious Award’s ‘Start-Up of the Year 2018’ winner, Glow, is the epitome of East London’s character. Producing ethical, handmade and hi-vis knitwear that is both functional and fashionable is what makes this brand literally stand out from the crowd. The collection is synonymous with classic winter styles with an inimitable twist.  

Glow’s founder, Comet Chukura, is a cycling enthusiast and wanted to create a collection specifically for those who are conscious about style and safety. The range is perfect for the avid cyclist, commuter, dog walker or the average city dweller, due to their transitional aspect. Whatever you are doing, Glow’s knitwear changes with the wearer’s needs.

Trailblazing a new approach to Athleisure accessories, Glow’s unisex knitted accessories have been designed to complement your existing wardrobe. Made from a wool and acrylic blend with glass fibre yarn, they are hyper-allogenic, breathable and soft.

There are significant environmental benefits of choosing sustainable glass fibre products. Since glass is a product of sand – an abundant, natural and non-depleting resource, glass fibre is a sustainable choice. The secret to the glowing hi-visibility lies in the magic of this component. The glass fibre reflects light and by doing so, it provides a safe, illuminated glow on its wearer. The range is both fashionable in the day and functional at night.

As a female-driven entrepreneurship, Glow is not only a knitwear brand. Each piece tells a story of the community of female workers working to make a difference. At Glow, they work with local women from traditionally ‘disadvantaged’ backgrounds who have been marginalized due to socioeconomic status, mental or physical health problems, race or class issues and they work with ex-offenders. For each snood or beanie, the workers are paid the London Living Wage, providing them with the opportunity to gain a supplementary income, being part of a supportive community.

Today, Glow stands amongst other smaller brands within the slow-fashion and athleisure industry.

For more information about Glow, please visit their website:

By Georgia Lambert  

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