Alternative uses for your Asgard Shed

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Alternative Uses For Asgards Secure Sheds

Alternative uses for your Asgard Shed


Our Asgard metal sheds have many uses, from the standard bike, garden and motorbike storage they’ve been designed for, to storing sports equipment and more. Over the summer, the nationwide lockdowns have forced us to make the most out of our outdoor space, and we’ve been seeing many customers send in their beloved shed photos.

Using your Asgard Shed to exercise!

However, we see some of you have been creative, and quite frankly, genius! (We’re slightly jealous we didn’t think of using our sheds like this!). For example: Asgard enthusiast Mal McNeil, used one of his four (wow!) Asgard storage sheds to heat his outdoor temporary pool, utilising the Asgard roofs panels to pop solar panels on top, he then tethered himself to the shed to be able to consistently swim - that's quite a set-up!

Metal Shed with Solar Panels


Asgard exercise shed

With lockdown seeing the closure of gyms across the nation, many are using their Asgard sheds as a place to work out! We then saw Team GB cyclist Elinor Barker use her Access Plus shed to exercise, impressively doing pull-ups from the shed roof. The roof height was a perfect position for Elinor and the double doors we’re firmly out the way giving her clear access. The Access All Metal Bike Box is also made from durable and tough galvanised steel creating a secure space for Elinor to do her pull ups!


After hearing about our sheds from fellow teammates, we installed a Centurion Police Approved shed for Paralympian Claire Cashmore too! With limited access to gyms for training, Claire is going to use her shed to exercise for preparation for Tokyo Olympics 2021 and get used to the heat! Rather you than us Claire - that sounds quite toasty! We're wishing Claire all the best with her training!

Team GB Cyclist Asgard Shed

Picnics on your Asgard Shed!

It’s not only exercise that we’ve seen you use your sheds for though! Others have opted for a R&R approach, using the shed roof to catch some rays including Lulu and family and Rik Meadows. (We’re wondering if you got inspired by our Asgard staff testing the strength of our Asgard roof panels!)

The Asgard Shed Bed

Customise your Garden Shed!


heavy duty strong bike shed

And we loved Andy Smith’s Centurion Motorcycle shed makeover! Andy commissioned a local artist to create a mural on his shed, giving it a wow factor in the garden! We have to say we’re very impressed!

All these extra ways to use your Asgard garden or bike shed and motorcycle garage got us thinking of other uses! - from a Halloween cave to scare the kids, Santas grottos (may need a bit of an imagination on that one!) to animal feed storage. You can even turn the shed into a bar. The list is endless!

If you have been using your shed in an unusual way, made some DIY hacks, or just want to show us your set-up, then let us know by emailing our social media guru Hazera on or uploading it to our (or your) social channel and tagging us in.

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