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Freelance Journalist Alice Barraclough gets an Asgard Addition Cycle Shed

Asgard Secure Steel Storage has recently been growing its list of cycling industry professional Alice Barraclough & Addition Bike Shedowners. Alice Barraclough, a freelance sports journalist who writes features, interviews and columns for everything from fitness and wellness to fashion, beauty, food and travel.

Alice approached Asgard to solve her ongoing bike storage problems. The brief was simple, Alice was looking for a compact, secure storage solution for her bikes.

Small Bike Storage

As is so often the case, garden space was at a premium for Alice, with just a small patio available for outside storage, this was certainly a challenge. However, with a range of units to suit all gardens Asgard had the perfect storage solution – The Addition. The Addition bike store, is incredibly secure and has a compact footprint of 6ft x 3ft, and discreet overall height of just , 4ft 7” yet there is room inside to store up to 3 bikes and riding gear.

“Since buying our first property last year, we’ve been looking for a storage solution for our bikes. During the summer, we kept them locked in our very small back garden, but as winter rolled around (or whenever it rained), the bikes found their way into the kitchen and propped up against the piano. It was such a pain having to traipse the bikes through the entire house every time we wanted to go for a ride. Not to mention the clutter they caused!

We knew the solution was to purchase a bike shed to go out the front of the house (next to the bins), but we struggled to find something big enough to fit three bikes in yet small enough to actually fit on our front patio. When we came across Asgard, we knew they were the best choice – secure, and unobtrusive. We chose the granite grey colour (to match our front door) and decided to put it up ourselves. 

The Asgard delivery team dropped the individual panels off and told us it should take roughly an hour to put them together. It took 3-4 hours (we don’t own an electric screwdriver and there are a lot of screws!)* but now it’s up, we couldn’t be happier. It fits perfectly in the limited space we have and seems really secure. The best part? We get our kitchen back.” - Alice Barraclough.

Asgard Addition metal Bike Storage

Who is Alice Barraclough?

Alice Barraclough is a freelance journalist who is currently the Commissioning Editor for Runner’s World UK. Alice has been featured in; The Telegraph, The Metro, The Guardian, The Evening Standard, Women’s Health, Stylist magazine and many more. With a first-class English Literature and Drama degree, Alice has since gone on to be the face of The Telegraph running newsletter, writing a weekly newsletter on how to train for a ‘sub-four-hour marathon’. Alice also wrote for the ‘Worth leaving the Sofa’ column in The Telegraph Magazine. As you can imagine, Alice does her research into the brands she collaborates with! An Asgard metal shed was the perfect secure solution for Alice’s three bikes.

Why The Addition Bike Shed?

The Addition steel cycle shed features pick-resistant locks and superior, professional, level bike security, perfect for Alice’s front patio. At 6ft x 3ft, the Addition bike shed is built from thick, weatherproof steel panels and features an integral metal floor and convenient large double-door access. As with all Asgard sheds, the Addition is designed and manufactured in our West Yorkshire facility and is built from tough, galvanised steel. The Asgard Addition provided secure bike storage for Alice’s 3 bikes and all of her cycling equipment which suited Alice’s requirements for a secure, compact storage solution.

Find out more about Alice's bicycle shed on the Addition product page. You can read about our other celebrity shed users on our Asgard celebrity page.

*We advise in our installation service that an electric screwdriver will save you a lot of time! Please view the Installation guide to find out more about installing the Asgard Addition bike shed. 

Asgard Addition Secure Storage Shed


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