A shed is to a man what a handbag is to a woman

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Men in Sheds at Age UK Cheshire

Men in Sheds at Age UK Cheshire, believe that every man needs a shed. 'A shed is to a man what a handbag is to a woman.' Men in Sheds is a project started by Age UK Cheshire in the autumn of 2008 for older men who feel isolated or are experiencing major life changes. Since then the project has grown significantly. It has recently been awarded a £500,000 grant from the National Lottery and gained national coverage on the BBC’s The One Show and Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.  

The project is very simple and has one goal, to reach men over 55.  They aim to encourage a shed-like environment with a focus on socialising, sharing skills and learning new ones and of course, all of our activities are accompanied with lots of tea and biscuits!

With thanks to the Lottery you can find a shed in Northwich, Crewe, Ellesmere Port and Chester. So get in touch today and join us to potter about in a shed!  

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