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5 Global Businesses that started from the humble garden Shed

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Theses day sheds aren’t always used for your traditional garden storage solutions. They can be so much more.

Have you ever had a pipe dream of being your own boss? Got a hobby that just takes up too much equipment to keep in your home? Why not turn your trusty garden shed into your very own empire, or your favourite place to escape.  Did you know some of the biggest companies today started life in a shed?

Companies such as:


The company that brought us many of our childhood icons was brought to life when Walt set up ‘The first Walt Disney Studio’ in his uncle Robert’s shed, creating a series of animations called the ‘Alice Comedies’. These were later used as part of Alice in Wonderland. Disney is now one of the highest grossing media companies in the world.

The Wright Brothers. (The World’s First Aircraft)

The Wright brothers constructed a shed to use for building, testing and storing their famous glider. They were the first to make a successful human flight, powered by an engine, which impacted transportation all over the World.

Yankee Candle

The popular scented candles started out as melted crayons in Massachusetts. Michael Kittredge, melted some crayons as a gift for his mother before the neighbours took notice of the beautiful smells coming from their neighbours shed and expressed some interest in buying them.

Marie Curies Research.

Known for her ground-breaking research in radioactivity which led to huge achievements in medical advancements. Being awarded the Nobel Prize in 1903 and in 1911, Marie Curie’s Laboratory was none other than an abandoned shed, formally used as a medical school dissecting room. Curie often has been quoted as referring to her lab as ‘The miserable old shed’.

Instant Noodles

The instant noodles that became a global hit, known today as the ‘just add water’ noodles, were brought to life from Momofuku Ando’s garden shed in Ikeda, Japan.

In recent years there has been a rise in people turning their garden sheds into amazing spaces, not just to work in but also to be used as extensions of their own homes and even as a form of escapism. With competitions like ‘The Grand Shed Project’ and ‘Shed of the year’ popping up this year ditching the tools has never been cooler.


The phrase “Shed-scapism” has even been coined to describe people escaping to their sheds, with a huge 63% of Brits saying that they feel happier in their shed and 20% of people using their sheds to increase their health and well- being.

Asgard metal sheds are simple, stylish, easily adaptable and come with a 10-year warranty. That seems like plenty of time to set up your dream business, or create the perfect zen garden for you and your family, don’t you think?

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