3 ways to customise your shed

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Sheds are an integral part of your house and garden, you might want to add your own stamp to make it look unique. Within this blog post, we have 3 shed decoration and customisation ideas that provide your shed with a totally original look that will make you stand out from your neighbour.

Fit a Ramp

For easier access in and out of your shed, a ramp is an ideal solution, they are easy to fit and can save you a lot of time when moving your garden equipment such as your lawnmower or even your bicycle in.

Use stencils or Stickers.

If you want to truly transform your shed, you might want to use stencils or stickers they are easy to come by from all good DIY stores. If you want a more durable look than stencils you could always paint a pattern on the outside of the shed or do as we did last year and contact a local artist to customize the outside of your shed with a unique design of your choice.

Internal Accessories:

You can also as customise your shed on the inside by adding some Asgard Shelves, this can help increase storage within your shed. Allowing you to store smaller items like tools,  gardening equipment and bike accessories. Shelves are available for the majority of Asgard units and available in 3 colours to match your Asgard unit. Shelves can be easily added to your metal shed as the unit has already got pre-drilled holes to accept shelves.

Eyelets can also be used internally to help with storage. These shed storage hooks are designed to fit in all our storage units and are handy for hanging things just as loses cables or bike helmets. Eyelets can be easily installed as they can just simply be attached to any of the pre-drilled holes.

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