10 tips on Cycling and Storing your Bike through the Winter.

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Winter can be a tough time for cyclists. Whether you’re planning on storing your bikes till the warmer months, or using your bike for the daily commute, bikes are generally low maintenance when it comes to storing them during the winter.

Here at Asgard, it’s important to us that we provide storage solutions that are always dry, secure and safe, for our customers to store their bicycles in during the colder months.

We often get asked how to prevent condensation from building up within a metal shed during wet and cold weather and there are a number of things you can do to help prevent this.

The location of your bike storage unit is important, try not to place your metal shed too close to trees and shrubbery in your garden, because doing this can increase the chances of condensation building up. Trees and plants give off moisture during the night and moisture can get into your bike storage shed through the ventilation holes. If you find an overgrown area close to your shed, you should try it back to prevent this from happening.

Make sure your bike is dry and clean before storing your bike away, before your next ride. Storing a muddy, wet, dirty bike can cause corrosion on the bike’s frame. It will also allow moisture to build up within your bike storage unit.

Asgard Bike storage units have metal floors, which can help to stop moisture rising from the ground upwards. Our metal sheds can be fitted with an optional wooden floor. This helps to prevent moisture being drawn up from a concrete floor below and damaging and your bike’s tyres prematurely.

It’s important to remember that cold weather itself cannot cause damage to your bike. Damage occurs when a bicycle is repeatedly taken from a warm temperature and put into somewhere with a cold temperature. The key is to store your bike somewhere with the same temperature as it is outside, such as a metal bike storage shed from Asgard.

We have also created a handy infographic, showing our 10 top tips on how to stay happy and safe on your bike,when cycling during the colder months. This infographic should help you winterproof your riding and help you to keep active throughout the winter months.

  Cycling in the Winter

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