10 Benefits of Secure Metal Garden Sheds

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Asgard Secure Garden Storage Shed

The UK has seen a rise in the popularity of garden sheds over recent years, which can be attributed to our ever-expanding list of products we own that simply can’t fit inside the house. Security is another concern for many household, and simply leaving your possessions in the garden or an unsecure shed just won’t cut it these days.

Metal sheds provide an excellent compromise between the traditional garden shed, which can have somewhat low levels of security and the bricks and mortar outbuilding that is pretty much an extension of your own home. Why are they such a fantastic compromise? Because, metal sheds are far more secure than their plastic and wooden counterparts; metal sheds made from galvanised steel are weatherproof; no planning permission is usually required, as the dimensions are usually the same as every other shed on the market and they provide a much higher level of security, enabling you to protect your belongings from nasty thieves.

In this guide, we will show you the main advantages that you’ll get when you purchase an Asgard metal garden shed.


  1. Metal sheds are more affordable than a bricks and mortar outbuilding

The most significant advantage of metal sheds is that they are much cheaper than erecting a bricks and mortar outbuilding. In fact, for the time, effort, planning and, money that goes into building an outbuilding or garage from bricks, you could have erected a metal shed in only a fraction of that time, at only a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing security.

Metal sheds from Asgard come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which will fit into your garden space, whatever the size. Of course, an often-overlooked benefit of metal garden shed, over its bricks and mortar counterpart is that it can be moved around, with a bit of elbow grease and a helping pair of hands. If you want to move a bricks and mortar building, you’re probably going to have to knock it down and start all over again.

  1. Easy to assemble

Even though the panels of an Asgard metal shed are incredibly tough, they are still easy enough to carry. With two people, a metal shed from Asgard can be assembled within one hour. Once assembled it will resemble a steel fortress that you’re not only proud of erecting yourself, but also because you have a top of the range security shed that you can be sure will protect your belongings.

All you need to assemble one of these sheds is an electric screwdriver and in some cases an extra pair of hands!

  1. Solid structures

The panels of steel-made sheds can be surprising light. However, once all the panels are put together, an Asgard can weigh up to 482kg, which means without the use of some wheels, these sheds aren’t going anywhere. When bolted to the ground an Asgard is impenetrable.

Metal is not an easy material to penetrate, especially when it’s been covered in a thick powder-coat paint, like all Asgard’s have been.

  1. 10-year warranty

The durability of the metal that’s used to make Asgard metal garden sheds, means as a manufacturer, we’re able to offer a long warranty. You will get a 10-year warranty with every Asgard shed. The reason for this is that we know the sheds stand the test of time and a low-level of maintenance is required to keep the shed in great condition.

  1. Maintenance free

As mentioned previously, Asgard sheds are practically maintenance free. A metal garden storage unit will take much less time and effort to look after in the long run. The thick galvanised steel that these sheds are made from protects the sheds contents from the weather conditions; the surface itself also remains unaffected by the elements. Condensation won’t be an issue either, because

  1. No foundations needed

All you’ll need for an Asgard metal shed is a flat base to sit the shed. This can be made from concrete or wood. What you won’t have to do is dig foundations for an Asgard metal garden shed. Foundations usually need professional builders, which adds to the overall cost.

  1. Metal base

As shed with an integral metal base, is a secure shed. Like many of Asgard’s sheds that come with a metal base, the shed cannot be penetrated from the ground up. Many sheds don’t have a base at all. Meaning they are prone to letting in thee damp, cold, animals, creepy-crawlies, and thieves. Sheds with integral metal bases also have an improved level of strength to their overall structure, making them much stronger than sheds without a metal base.

  1. They don’t set on fire

Sure, electrical equipment could set on fire inside your metal shed if there’s a malfunction, and yes maybe the contents will be damaged. However, you won’t need to get rid of a burnt out shed if it’s made of metal. The entire structure will be still standing after a fire. This ultimately save you money in the event of a fire incident as the shed can be used as normal.

  1. Built-in ventilation

Asgard sheds come with a nifty ventilation system that allows air to flow freely around the inside of the unit. There’ll be no need to mop up damp patches inside an Asgard shed! Many other steel sheds on the market neglect ventilation, meaning you could find a huge pool of condensation build-up one day when you open your shed doors.

  1. Better security

Shed made from thick galvanised steel are much better at resisting break-in attempts from mean thieves who want to get their hands on your stuff. Unlike their wooden and plastic counterparts, metal sheds from Asgard have reinforced hinges and doors that prevent forced entry into the storage units.

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