Katie Archibald and Asgard Bike Storage

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Katie Archibald and Asgard Bike Sheds

Katie Archibald and Asgard Bike Storage

Katie Archibald approached Asgard with that familiar story, a spare room full of bikes, and a desperate need to reclaim the house. Easy, that's what Asgard does!

We chatted about her exact requirement to find which cycle storage shed would be best for her and her teammate Josie Knight's, bikes, and the usual maintenance equipment such as oils and general riding gear. So, the Asgard 29er in the ever-popular Grey was the cycle shed of choice. Its wide aperture and lift-up lid make it ideal for storing a couple of bikes with plenty of space to spare.

“I love the convenience and security of my Asgard storage. I have peace of mind that my bikes are safe, and I've got the space of four bikes back from my spare room!” - Katie Archibald

Access Plus Bike Shed 29ers

Which Asgard shed was the best bike storage solution for Katie?

The Access Plus 29er continues to be the bike storage shed of choice for many regular riders. This unit fits nicely in mid-price and mid-size ranges and is the perfect size for storing 4 bikes in, giving easy access to all of your equipment due to the lift-up lid and super wide double-door access. Security is taken care of by two impressively tough locks (one key fits both) which are shrouded in stainless steel, making them super tough. Deadbolts behind the doors drop into the integral full metal floor, which is, in turn, bolted to the ground.

Asgard installation team

“I first met Katie when we installed an Insurance Approved Centurion for Katie and her Teammate Elinor Barker way back in 2015, it seems like a lifetime ago now! Since then we have installed dozens of cycle sheds for pro athletes and the Access shed seems to be the favourite for most professional cyclists”.Stu, Asgard Shed Installation Team

Stuart and Peter (Asgard installation team) had the Access shed built in no time at all. Despite a challenging build in the dazzling Manchester sunshine.  

“The base was really not good for this installation, loose gravel is far from ideal. If the unit is not level, then locking can be an issue. Luckily in this instance, we moved the gravel and found the ground was rock-hard concrete underneath. So, with our every trusty Asgard packing pieces we were able to get the unit level and fully working in no time at all.” - Pete, Asgard Installation Team

Who is Katie Archibald? 

Katie Archibald MBE is an incredibly successful elite Scottish and British racing cyclist, specialising in endurance track cycling events in which she represents Great Britain and Scotland. Katie's impressive haul of 20 gold medals in the European Elite track championships is an all-time record for that championship. Katie also holds the women's British national record for the individual pursuit.

Katie Archibald Cycle Storage

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