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Ed Clancy gets an Asgard Access Bike Shed

Olympic legend Ed Clancy OBE is the latest professional cyclist to get an Asgard bicycle storage shed! Looking for a safe, stylish and secure way of storing his bikes. Ed made contact with our Asgard team to ask about the Access Plus bike shed for his home in Yorkshire - after a quick site measure from the Asgard installation team, we found the perfect spot. Ed Opted for an Access Plus bike shed in grey, Ed was more than thrilled with his new shed: 

“I’m over the moon with the new bike shed, I can get loads of bikes in there and even the big mountain bikes fit in - I’m sleeping easy at night. The bike shed looks great in the garden too, and it conveniently fits perfectly across the wall! The lads who built it were both personal and professional, I’m genuinely impressed, it's good to see a British manufacturer producing high quality products.” - Ed Clancy


“I always enjoy building a shed for one of the Olympic champions, everytime we meet one, it inspires me to get back on my own bike and back into training”.  Stuart Leddy Asgard Installation

Ed Clancy OBE & Secure Bike Storage

Who Is Ed Clancy OBE?

Edward Franklin Clancy, known more commonly as Ed Clancy, is one of the most successful professional cyclists winning 3 Olympic Gold Medals! Now retired from British Cycling, Ed runs the Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy team, aimed to improve children’s cycling skills. 

Alongside his teammates, Ed has broken World Records 8 times and has represented GB at the Beijing, London, Rio Olympics, withdrawing from Tokyo due to an ongoing back issue. Outside the Olympics, Ed is a five-time world champion and four-time European champion in the team pursuit.

“It is always a privilege to spend time with Athletes who have performed at the highest level, the dedication and mind set is inspirational.  Ed was thrilled with his new Asgard shed, the perfect way to empty his garage” - Andy Heath, Asgard

Why did Ed choose an Asgard Access Bike Shed?

With many bikes to securely store but limited space, Ed opted for the Access Plus bike shed - an 8ft x 4ft bike shed designed to hold up to 4 bikes including 29” wheelers. As many other professional cyclists are using the Asgard Access Plus bike shed including Elinor Barker, Laura & Jason Kenny and Jody Cundy, Ed already knew the outstanding quality of our sheds. 

The Access Plus is hugely popular amongst both professional and amateur cyclists due to its user-friendly lift-up lid and double doors, giving great access to the bikes while offering a compact and low shed. With an integral metal base, no exposed screws and a 3-point locking system, the Access is also strong and secure to help protect your bikes from opportunist thieves. Like all our Asgard sheds, the Access is manufactured in West Yorkshire from galvanised (weatherproof) steel - ideal for Ed’s hilltop Yorkshire home!

Best bicycle storage shed used by Ed Clancy

A few months later, we caught up with Ed to see how he was getting on with his new Access bike shed now he's had a chance to use it frequently: “All good thanks! The shed still looks good as new. As a side bonus, my garage is looking better for having some additional storage space with the shed too.” – Ed Clancy

To see more professional cyclists who use an Asgard shed, visit our Athletes page, or to view the Access Plus Bike Shed for 29ers, click here.

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