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This Asgard bike shed has been designed to store 4 bikes in a safe and discreet manner.  With a tough weather resistant finish and full metal construction, the Access bike storage shed has proved popular with cyclist across the UK.  An integral floor (which can be bolted to the ground) is a real plus for many cyclists.
Bike security is taken care of with the heavy duty, reinforced double doors and a thick, reinforced lift up lid.  Inside a 3 point locking system is completed with a dead bolt mechanism.  Outside the shrouded locking systems help to prevent forced entry... and hidden around the roof is a series of discreet vents, allowing air flow around the unit - keeping condensation down to a minimum - your bikes will not only be safe ... but also dry!!
Customer review:
"I'm pretty happy with my Asgard bikestorage x 4 unit,delivery was well-organized and on time (I had to take an afternoon off work so this is important), pretty easy to build, good instructions, great price. No real downsides except if I had more room I would've probably bought something larger and hung the bikes upright by the wheels leaving room for other stuff (plus I could get more bikes of course), that way I could access them more easily. It's a good-enough compromise though. I like that it comes with a metal floor." 
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Increase your bike security with asgard secure steel storage
Increase your bike security with asgard secure steel storage
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