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Interlocking Panels  |  Shed Assembly  |  Roof Handle |  Doors  |  Gas Lift  |  Lock Shroud  |  Levelling  |  Shelf  |  Eyelets  |  Hooks

Interlocking Panels

‘How To’ video, showing how Asgards high security panels interlock and screw together. Note: We recommend using a power driver to install an Asgard metal shed, and a pair of easy-grip gloves.

Shed Assembly

Watch a quick timelapse of the Asgard shed installation team building an Access Plus bike shed. This video shows the order of the panel installation. Please note, that this video is a quick overview, for in-depth ‘How To’ videos, please refer to individual videos.

Roof Handle

‘How To’ attach a handle to the Access shed lift-up lid.. Using a handheld screwdriver, simply open the handle flaps, screw it to the front of the lift up lid, and close the handle flaps.


‘How To’ secure the two doors to your Access shed using a handheld screwdriver. Please note, do not overtighten the screws. Requires two people.

Gas Lift

‘How To’ video illustrating how gas lifts fit onto the Access metal shed. Please note the orientation of the gas lifts. Requires two people.

Lock Shroud

‘How To’ install the Asgard Access Metal Shed lock shroud to protect the disc padlocks from attack. Please note, the levelling video below may be useful when installing the lock shroud as the shroud needs to be fitted as far up to the lid as possible.


‘How To’ level an Asgard metal shed with the provided shims, shown on an Asgard Access Plus. Levelling an Asgard shed is vital in ensuring an easy installation and smooth operation of the locking system.


‘How To’ install a metal shelf to the Access metal shed. Please note, if the shed is being used as a bike shed, you may wish to install the shelves high on each side to accommodate bicycle wheels.


‘How To’ install an Asgard eyelet to an Asgard shed. Simply remove a screw from the desired position, align the eyelet and rescrew in. The eyelets are ideal for bungee cords, helmets and more.


‘How To’ install a hook on to an Asgard metal shed. Simply remove a screw from the desired position, align the hook and rescrew in. Demonstrated on the Access Plus.

For more Asgard shed ‘how to’ videos, see our Youtube videos.