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Professional Cycling Storage Professional Cyclist Rory Townsend gets an Asgard Bike Locker

At Asgard, our bike sheds continue to attract and impress professional athletes, cycling industry members, and the public alike, with professional cyclist Rory Townsend being the latest athlete to join the Asgard family. Rory approached us for help and advice in storing his bikes outside, with limited space for storage and doors opening/closing, the Twin Bike Locker was the best fit. Rory opted for the Twin Bike Locker in grey for a modern bike storage solution. 

“I’m so happy with my Asgard storage unit, they came and fitted it for me, and bolted it down so I have absolutely no worries about my bikes being kept in there. Being in London, and limited for space, it’s made a huge difference to our living space. It’s only a two-bike unit, but I can easily fit four bikes in here. It’s much more than what I was hoping for. - Rory Townsend

Rory Townsend Twin Bikebox

Who is Rory Townsend?

Rory Townsend is an Irish professional cyclist currently cycling for the UCI Continental team Canyon dhb SunGod. Rory has been riding from a young age and has had many successful races coming 1st in Tour of Britain, Tour of Almaty, Tour de la Mirabelle and many more. He rides alongside fellow Canyon rider and Asgard shed owner Matthew Bostock. 

“We are more than happy to help Rory keep his bikes safe at home. The safety and security of their bikes is so vitally important, and it gives us so much pride to support that and their journey to become the best cyclists” - Andy Heath, Asgard 

Why Did Rory choose the Twin Bike Locker?

Rory looked at many small sheds within our range, but the Twin Bike Shelter was the best bikebox to fit the limited space. Measuring just 900mm wide x 1900mm deep, the Twin Bike Locker requires only 850mm additional door operation space when in use, and holds up to 2 bikes.

Like all Asgard sheds, the Twin Bike Locker is made in the UK from galvanised weatherproof steel and features a tough 3-point locking system. Although this bike shelter doesn’t feature an integral floor (like most Asgard sheds), the bicycle unit does bolt to the ground to help keep your bike safe and secure.  

Twin Bike Storage Box

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