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Asgard donates Gladiator Police approved sheds to local schools

Asgard and its sister company, Flexiform Business Furniture, are committed to supporting local schools and organisations by donating furniture and storage sheds. Since 2017, we’ve created over £400,000 worth of social value by donating, delivering and installing goods!

In the last few months, we’ve donated and installed two Gladiator sheds, a 7ft x 7ft model to East Beirley Primary School in Bradford, and a 7ft x 11ft model to Colne Valley High School in Huddersfield.

East Beirley Primary School Storage Installation

East Beirley Primary School are due to start a refurbishment of its playground and with limited space, its previous shed was occupying a large amount of the play area. As schools face ever-tightening budget constraints, Asgard likes to help and support local communities by donating storage where we can. The Gladiator 7ft x 7ft model offered a good amount of storage whilst neatly fitting into a corner of the playground.

The shed installation team hopped down the road to build our Gladiator 7x7 model, offering the school a long-lasting, low-maintenance storage space that is Secured by Design (Police) approved, keeping the children’s toys and play equipment safe. 

“Many thanks to Asgard and the Asgard installation team for their kind donation of a playground storage shed. The new shed has pride of place in our playground and is the perfect fit for our forthcoming playground revamp.  

The new Asgard shed is certainly much more secure, and better looking than our old shed, with neat double door access not impacting on our playground space. The installation team, were friendly and efficient and made a great job of building the shed, installing the internals and tidying up afterwards. Thanks once again.” - Mrs Lysa Hammond, Head Teacher

Colne Valley High School in Huddersfield

As Colne Valley High School has over 1900 pupils, they required a large and secure storage shed to safely store their large amount of sports equipment. They wanted to place the shed in the middle of the sports field, which would help maximise sports time by bringing key equipment to an easy-to-access location. As the middle of the field wasn’t under any security lighting or cameras, they needed a strong and secure shed to protect items even when there was no one around - the Gladiator 7ft x 11ft shed fitted the bill having Secured by Design (Police) approved status, Loss Prevention Certification Board level 1 certification and UK Locksmith approval.

"Last term we had a break-in and 20 mountain bikes that we have for PE lessons got stolen. We have just had them all replaced but are worried about them being pinched again.  We are now confident our bikes and equipment will be safe from theft in our new Asgard shed. - Claire, Colne Valley High School

Why did we donate the Gladiator School Shed?

Gladiator school storage

The Gladiator shed models are a secure outdoor shed with reinforced galvanised steel panels and doors, welded hinges and an integral floor which can be bolted to the ground, offering 360 degrees of protection for your playground or sports equipment. This secure school shed model also features a 5-point locking system with deadbolts and pick-and-drill resistant locks rated to EN1303, the highest tested level of durability, temperature and corrosion resistance.

Like all Asgard sheds, it comes with a free 10-year warranty and is child friendly with no exposed screws or bolts and a handle on the inside to easily exit the shed even if locked. The school storage range is also delivered and installed for you for a hassle-free storage solution.

See East Beirley’s Gladiator 7x7ft Shed here.

See Colne Valley High School’s Shed here.

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