Asgard Shed Locks

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Asgard bike storage, motorcycle storage, and metal sheds are all tough and secure, with many products approved by the UK Locksmiths, Secured By Design and certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board.  This high level of strength and security comes from a combination of factors;

High quality, heavy-gauge steel.

Unique inside out construction.

High-quality locking mechanisms.

The lock featured on our units is the TITAN Cylinder*.

Asgard Titan Lock Barrel Technical Specification:

½ Euro Profile Cylinder and with Reversible Key System


6 Pin Anti-Drill / Anti-Pull Cylinder

Supplied with 2 Keys & Unique Owner’s Card

Lock supplied with a Bright Nickel Finish 

More about our locking cylinder mechanism:

The mechanical cylinder i6 stands for certified security in flats, houses, and offices.  Its official certificate EN1303 confirms the highest tested level of durability, temperature and corrosion resistance.

Special security elements inside this cylinder (anti-drilling inserts in housing and anti-bumping pins in hardened steel) helps to protect the door against the intrusion attacks.

Optional break secure cuts allow the burglar to snap cylinder front leaving the remaining part of the cylinder fully operational.

Functional, strong and affordable - that is why this cylinder is highly appreciated by both installers and homeowners.

 Features and Benefits

  • Quality and durability approved by several Independent European Institutes
  • Anti-picking and anti-drilling protection contribute to door resistance against break-in attempts
  • Optional "Break Secure cuts" are deliberately designed for being broken during snapping attack, leaving the main part of the cylinder intact and operational
  • Long reversible key can be used with all cylinder security escutcheons
  • Nickel matt cylinder finish assures perfect match with door hardware
  • Possibility to use one key for several doors with the help of "Keyed alike" option
  • Fitted to Asgard sheds with 3 and 5 point deadbolt systems for increased security


Reversible Key System  Yes

Reproduction Card   Yes

Total Number of Locking Elements  6

MKS Possibilities  Single Coded

Anti Drill Protection Housing   Yes

Modular  No

Standard Warranty  2 Years

Maximum Number of Lateral Elements  0

Maximum Number of Upper Elements  0

Number of Moveable Elements  6

Number of Passive Elements  0

Our Titan locks are available on:

3-Point Locking

3-Point Locking
Our FlexistoreAdditionSecure Store and Sentry sheds feature a lock that secures the doors, with a shoot bolt and full length locking bars that lock at the top and bottom of the door frame. This includes our pick & drill resistant Euro Cylinder lock, featuring a handle that’s designed to sheer off in an attempted break-in.


5-Point Locking

5-Point Locking
The Trojan Plus features our tough 5-point locking which includes, deadbolts, locking bars and our pick-and-drill resistant Titan locking system. As with our smaller sheds, the handle is designed to sheer off in an attempted break-in.

5-Point Locking (Police Approved)

5-Point Locking (Police Approved)
The Asgard CenturionGladiator and Annexe sheds are Secured by Design (Police) approved, UK Locksmith and LPCB level 1 certified. Thanks to the combination of heavy-duty reinforced doors, reinforced panels & hinges. The 5-point locking system features a shoot bolt securing the unit across both doors and full-length bar which locks into the door frame at the top and bottom of the shed. In addition, the doors have additional two bolts at both the top and bottom - making these shed true 5 point locking systems,  As with our other secure sheds the handle is designed to sheer off in the attempt of a break-in.

Asgard offers a fast, secure and reliable key replacement service that offers fantastic after-sales support.  If you require new or replacement keys please contact us on with your order number and key number as we require proof of identification prior to releasing duplicate keys.


All Asgard Titan locking systems carry a 12-month warranty against failure due to faulty manufacture.

* Excludes Gas storage, Access Based Sheds and Vanguard Sheds.