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Shed Base Sizes

Shed base guide

Asgard sheds are constructed from galvanised metal. This makes our sheds heavy, so they must be built on a level surface of tarmac, concrete or paving slabs. Below is a guide to the base size needed for each of our metal units. The importance of a shed base.

The Asgard Weight Category

Weight Category


"An Asgard shed is one of the heaviest and best quality on the market and so their self-weight and goods stored within them often mean that anchoring the base is not required for sheltered locations". John - 'The Secrets of Shed Building'

Product NameWebsite
Weight Category
Addition Bike storage (3 bikes)Add21990mm (79")1100mm (44")103kg16.3 stCAT 2
Access Bikestorage (4 bikes)Acc12200mm (86")1150mm (45")114kg18 stCAT 2
Access Plus Bike storage (4 bikes)Acc52450mm (96")1150mm (45")122kg19 stCAT 2
Annexe High Security Bike storageAnn21990mm (79")1100mm (44")103kg16.3 stCAT 2
Bike LockersBL11000mm (39")2000mm (78")99kg15.8 stCAT 2
Twin Bike LockerBL31000mm (39")2000mm (78")99kg15.8 stCAT 2
Double Ended Bike LockerBL51000mm (39")2000mm (78")152kg23.1 stCAT 2
Vertical Bike LockerBL61200mm(47")800mm(32")132kg20.7 stCAT 2
Cycle storage x6MB51730mm(68")3215mm (126")294kg46.3 stCAT 4
Cycle storage x8MB61730mm (68")3790mm (149")334kg52.5 stCAT 4
Tall Caravan Site storage:The TrojanTro22350mm (93")1100mm (44")142kg22.5 stCAT 2
Caravan Site storage Shed: The AdditionAdd11990mm (79")1100mm (44")103kg16.3 stCAT 2
Caravan Site storage Box: The VangardVan21600mm (63")1000mm (40")76kg12 stCAT 1
Caravan Site storage: AccessAcc32200mm (86")1150mm (45")114kg18 stCAT 2
Small Gas Bottle storageGas1880mm (35")500mm (20")30kg4.8 stCAT 1
Medium Gas Bottle storageGas2990mm (39")700mm (25")47kg7.5 stCAT 1
Large Gas Bottle storageGas31730mm (68")700mm (25")68kg10.9 stCAT 1
Metal Garden Shed: The VangardVan11600mm (63")1000mm (40")76kg12 stCAT 1
Garden storage Shed: The AdditionAdd31990mm (79")1100mm (44")103kg16.3 stCAT 2
High Security Garden Shed: The CompactComp11280mm (50")960mm (38")111kg17.6 stCAT 2
Medium Metal Garden storage: The AccessAcc22200mm (86")1150mm (45")114kg18 stCAT 2
High Security Metal Shed: The AnnexeAnn31990mm (79")1100mm (44")103kg16.3 stCAT 2
Compact Metal Garden Shed: The Secure storeVan41600mm (63")1000mm (40")76kg12 stCAT 1
Tall Metal Garden Shed:The TrojanTro12350mm (93")1100mm (44")142kg22.4 stCAT 2
Trojan Plus 7x3 MultipurposeTro42350mm (93")1100mm (44")160kg25 stCAT 2
Large Metal Shed: The GladiatorGlad12410mm (95")2640mm (104")327kg51.7 stCAT 4
XL Metal Shed: The Gladiator PlusGlad22410mm (95")3790mm (149")433kg68.3 stCAT 5
XXL Metal Shed:The Gladiator Plus 2Glad42410mm (95")4940mm (194")539kg85 stCAT 6
Gladiator Motorcycle storageMB72410mm (95")3100mm (124")441kg69.6 stCAT 5
Gladiator Bike storageMB82410mm (95")3100mm (124")441kg69.6 stCAT 5
Large Metal Garden Shed:The CenturionCent11730mm (68")2640mm (104")255kg40.2 stCAT 3
XL Metal Shed:The Centurion PlusCent21730mm (68")3790mm (149")334kg52.8 stCAT 4
XXL Metal Shed:Centurion Plus 2Cent51730mm (68")4940mm (194")413kg65 stCAT 5
The Flexistore 1511: 5x4* Metal Garden ShedFs11730mm (68")1557mm (61.3")118kg18 stCAT 2
The Flexistore 1522: 5x7* Metal Garden ShedFs21730mm (68")2640mm (104")184kg24 stCAT 2
The Flexistore 1533: 5x11* Metal Garden ShedFs31730mm (68")3770mm (148.4")248kg39 stCAT 3
Lawn Mower storageXLFs61730mm (68")3770mm (148.4")248kg39 stCAT 3
Lawn Mower store LargeFs51730mm (68")2640mm (104")184kg24 stCAT 2
Ride on Mower storageCent71730mm (68")2640mm (104")255kg40.2 stCAT 3
Ride on Mower storage ShedCent81730mm (68")3790mm (149")334kg52.8 stCAT 4
Large Mobility Scooter storage UnitMobility21730mm (68")2640mm (104")255kg40.2 stCAT 3
Scooter and Moped storage GarageSs11730mm (68")3215mm (126")294kg46.4 stCAT 4
Motorcycle GarageMB11730mm (68")3215mm (127")294kg46.4 stCAT 4
Motorcycle Garage PlusMB21730mm (68")3790mm (149")334kg52.5 stCAT 4
Home/Parcel Delivery BoxHome700mm (27")670mm (26")28kg4.4 stCAT 1
Medium Parcel Delivery BoxHome3500mm (19")350mm (13")18kg2.8 stCAT 1
Small Parcel Delivery BoxHome2350mm (13")200mm (7.8")13kg2 stCAT 1
ATV and Quad Bike storage ShedCent61730mm (68")3790mm (149")334kg52.8 stCAT 4
School storage Pack 1School11730mm (68")2640mm (104")255kg40.2 stCAT 3
School storage Pack 2School21730mm (68")3790mm (149")334kg52.8 stCAT 4
School storage Pack 3School32410mm (95")2640mm (104")327kg51.7 stCAT 4
School storage Pack 4School42410mm (95")3790mm (149")433kg68.3 stCAT 5
School storage Pack 5School51990mm (79")1100mm (44")103kg16.3 stCAT 2
School storage Pack 6School62350mm (93")1100mm (44")142kg22.5 stCAT 2
School storage Pack 7School72200mm (86")1150mm (45")114kg18 stCAT 2
School storage Pack 8School81600mm(63")1000mm (40")76kg12 stCAT 1
School storage Pack 9School91730mm (68")4940mm (194")413kg65 stCAT 5
School storage Pack 10School102410mm (95")4940mm (194")539kg85 stCAT 6
School storage Pack 11School111000mm (39")2000mm (78")99kg15.8 stCAT 2
Nursery storeVan51600mm (62")1000mm (40")16kg12 stCAT 1
Fishing Rod/Tackle storage UniTro32350mm (93")1100mm (44")142kg22.5 stCAT 2
Small Fishing Rod/Tackle storage UnitComp41280mm (50")960mm (38")111kg17.6 stCAT 2
Ski and Snowboard storage UnitComp31280mm (50")960mm (38")111kg17.6 stCAT 2
Tack / Equestrian storage UnitComp21280mm (50")960mm (38")111kg17.6 stCAT 2
High Security Workshop store: The ClassicClass22020mm (80")960mm (38")160kg25.2 stCAT 2
CATHigh Security Workshop: The CompactComp11280mm (50")960mm (38")111kg17.6 stCAT 2

Shed bases: We recommend all our units are situated on a firm level base. Ideally, this will be concrete with a 50mm depth (2"). A patio (flag stones) and tarmac may also suitable. A depth of 50mm will allow you to anchor the unit to the ground for increased security. Exact base sizes can be found on the individual product pages.

You do not have to bolt the unit to the ground if you do not wish to.

Note: The ground anchor requires 100mm of depth.
For further information about our excellent installation service see our installation page.

Why choose an Asgard Metal Shed

  • Rust resistant

    Rust resistant

  • All sheds with floors

    Integral metal floor**

  • Interest-free credit

    Interest-free credit***

  • Welded construction

    Welded construction

  • Vented roof

    Vented roof

  • Made in the UK

    Made in the UK

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