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5x11 Flexistore Shed 3 Point Locking

5 x 11 Metal shed - The Flexistore 1533
Integral metal base with an optional ramp available
Pick resistant locking mechanism
Shed ventilation system for reduced condensation
Strong 3 point locking system, for the best in shed security
5x11 Flexistore 1533 Metal Garden Shed
5 x 11 Metal shed - The Flexistore 1533
Integral metal base with an optional ramp available
Pick resistant locking mechanism
Shed ventilation system for reduced condensation
Strong 3 point locking system, for the best in shed security
5x11 Flexistore 1533 Metal Garden Shed

WAS £895


A stunningly good shed, very very well made and really simple to erect.
  • Details

    The Flexistore 1533 - 5 x 11 - metal garden shed

    The Flexistore range of all metal garden sheds combine outstanding value with excellent storage capacity.  This high-quality range of garden storage is designed and manufactured to the highest standards, right here in the UK at our West Yorkshire factory.

    The 1533 (5ft 2"x 10ft 11") is a large garden shed from the highly acclaimed Flexistore shed range, maintaining the same structural strength and excellent security features of the rest of the shed range, this great value metal shed has a very generous capacity of 9.3 cubic metres (weighing in at 39 stone).  Easy access is provided through the large heavy duty door.

    Weight Category Rating

    Weight Category Rating: 3

    The 5X11 FLEXISTORE SHED 3 POINT LOCKING is classed as a Weight Category 3.

    Metal Garden Storage Unit

    The 1533 metal garden shed is packed with features, to give you the best possible storage. On the Flexistore 1533 you’ll find a tough pick and drill resistant, 3 point locking system, with a tough deadbolt inside the door.  Inside you will find an integral full metal shed base – supplied complete with fixings for bolting to the shed to the ground.   The Flexistore 1533 is a quality metal shed suitable for professionals and amateurs who look for quality in their garden storage.

    Not only do you get all these features, all Asgard metal garden sheds are durable and built to last, requiring very little maintenance.  We are so confident we supply each Asgard storage unit with a free 10-year warranty.  Check out the features tab for further information.

    *Actual size H 5ft 2"x W 10ft 11"

    Accessories are shown for illustration purposes only.

    Product Code: Fs3

  • Features

    The Flexistore 1533 Shed (5ft 2" x 10ft 11")

    Product Code: Fs3

    5 x 11 Garden Storage - Features

    Large garden shed

    Please note: The Internal components pictured are optional extras and not included in the basic price.

    Please note: That before installation can take place a level, a firm surface will be required. (e.g. concrete, tarmac, patio 50mm/2" thick) before installation. The base must be solid, completely flat and secure. 

  • Dimensions

    5 x 11* Metal Garden Shed

    Metal garden shed dimensions

  • In The Press
    Asgard Flexistore range reviewed

    John - The secrets of shedbuilding.com Said: "It is about fifty times more secure than the cheapo metal sheds you find in the Argos catalogue"

    "Well made and well engineered" 

    "Good, solid, value for your money".

    "An Asgard shed is one of the heaviest and best quality on the market" 

  • Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews

    Very Pleased - but watch the silicone sealing! Review by



    Purchased this to replace my 13 year old wooden shed, its now a new 5x11 shed in an awkward area down the side of me house. I had a concrete base put down which helped, you certainly do need a level surface or I would imagine you may have problems putting it together.
    Delivery was great, driver very helpful and polite, laid everything out well, all panels are marked with stickers anyway for ease of assembly. Some of the panels are thin in the middle, so care is needed when storing or stacking them so they do not crease.
    Instructions were good, everything was there, you will need help to at least get a corner up and secured, its then possible to put the rest together yourself if your tall enough!.
    Went together OK, a few stubborn screws, you will need a normal screwdriver as well as power screwdriver due to the angles your working at.
    Its a great shed, I had the package which included the floor, I would recommend you at least buy the floor as I cannot imagine it being without it, hooks shelves etc all went in fine.
    Its a great shed, you pay for what you get, and this is excellent, looks great and feels secure. Only thing to watch is when you silicone the roof during assembly, I put plenty in (you will need another tube of sealant in addition to the supplied tube) but my roof leaked during the first period of rain, only dripping but still leaked. So I ended up also sealing it from the outside by leaning over the roof on a ladder and sealing it that way, its now watertight!.
    I a really pleased with it, plenty of space, well made and best of all, its made in Britain!!
    Great shed. Loads of space still to fill. Review by



    When I first heard about Asgard from a good from of mine, who'd paid over a grand for his shed, I baulked at the idea of paying that much just to store my [much beloved] bikes in. But reading reviews and thinking it over for a along while I took plunge on this shed and do not regret doing so at all. the 5x11 Flexistore shed easily holds two bikes, golf clubs, garden furniture equipment, numerous tool boxes, and a bike travel bag ... with east. Still plenty of room to move around inside. You will need internal lighting fitted as it is rich black at night (so much so you can see the far end when stood at the open door).

    Having this shed has freed up space in my new home, which was a long term aim after moving in last year.

    A few things regarding the construction: you will need a caulk gun to apply the sealant. There [appears to be] no mention of this in the instructions which delayed our my (friend and I) plan to build to completion in one go, so instead had to build over two 2 1/2 stints over 10 days apart. Also, hardest parts to fit together were first vertical sections (one of the rear corners) and the last roof piece (watch your fingers on this part as I got mine caught). We needed to use the spacers towards the end of the build. May be useful for Asgard to provide a few more of these as we lost some under the shed after my friend got a bit to exuberant pushing them under. Step numbering on printed instructions provided are odd (go from 11, 12 to 25, 26, 27). I have just checked the downloadable version is identical but with correct numbers).

    a number of the self tapping screws just not wanting to fit into the pre-drilled hole with out hot of coercion. This was more prevalent along some of the base-to-wall joins the final roof part.

    Still need to put a floor in and drill the ground screws in. Not sure if this would have bene better at start of build (suggested by another reviewer) or at end as the instructions suggest,

    All in all, very pleased.
    Great shed. Loads of space still to fill.
    The King of Sheds! Review by



    My first Asgard is the Gladiator which has been the best shed I have ever owned.
    My second is the Flexistore and great value.
    I bought a large Gladiator to secure expensive garden equipment and when my son’s diy car repair kit overflowed the garage, I bought the Flexistore.
    This is a cheaper shed,in price ,but inspires as much confidence as the Gladiator because it is tough and secure.
    I paid for both sheds to be erected and it was worth every penny.
    Asgard builds sheds that do what Asgard say they do.
    My Gladiator is 4/5 years old and looks like new. The Flexistore looks as if it will be the same.
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  • Bundles


Easy access metal ramp for all Asgard sheds
Motorcycle garage helmet & leather storage hooks
Flexistore metal shed - shelf pack

WAS £69


Protective wooden shed floor
Retrofit ladder rack

WAS £50


Why choose an Asgard Metal Shed

  • Rust resistant

    Rust resistant

  • All sheds with floors

    Integral metal floor**

  • Interest-free credit

    Interest-free credit***

  • Welded construction

    Welded construction

  • Vented roof

    Vented roof

  • Made in the UK

    Made in the UK

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