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Replacement keys

Product code: KEY

Asgard keys

Asgard Key with Unique Key CardAsgard Key with Unique Key CardUnique Key CardReplacement KeyOld style Asgard shed lock - with stamped lock barrel

  • Asgard Key with Unique Key Card
  • Unique Key Card
  • Replacement Key
  • Old style Asgard shed lock - with stamped lock barrel
  • Replacement Asgard Key

    As of October 2015 Asgard changed the standard shed locks to a new type of lock.  Our new locks are still as secure as ever - giving you fantastic security with high end features such as antibump technology and active locking pins.  From October 2015 all Asgard locks are supplied with a seperate key identification credit card.

    Getting a replacement key for your Asgard is still really easy, though getting a new set of keys is slightly different for the two types of locks.

    If you have an old style Asgard lock the lock barrel will have a unique identification number stamped on the front. This will be a sequence of numbers and/ or letters; please state the full sequence. example here>

    If you have a new style lock, the identification number is stamped on the identification card supplied with the shed. pictured above>

    When you order your replacement key online, you will be contacted by Asgard as we process your order. We will then phone and confirm your lock type and ask you to confirm your unique lock code and ask you a few simple security questions.

    We will process your dispatch your new replacement key (usually within 7 days).

    We know that keys can be easily lost, so we advise that you keep the key card somewhere extremely safe. The card contains a 3 to 5 digit code which we must know in order to supply you with the corresponding key.

    If you have lost both the keys and the key code, then an entire new lock may be required – which may involve replacing your shed door.

  • Asgard locks - Features

    Features: Anti Bump pins – for security.

    Antipick pins – for better protection.

    Anti bump – for security.

    EN 1301- standard locking.

    Note there are two styles of Asgard lock barrels:

    Old style lock barrel has an identification number stamped on the front of the lock. 

    The new style lock (from October 2015) - supplied with a seperate identification card.


  • Customer Reviews

    Good quick delivery Review by



    I lost my key, phioned Asgard and a new key was with me a few days later - a great releif as the alternative is to cut the door off!
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