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Metal Sheds are Better than Wooden Sheds

People who come to the Asgard site usually ask themselves one common question “why should I buy a metal shed instead of a wooden shed”? Here we are going to dispel some of the myths about metal garden sheds, as well as show you why they are better than wooden sheds.

Rust Resistant Sheds

What Is Galvanised Steel?

One of the most common issues with outdoor metal sheds is rust. There are a lot of cheap, low quality metal storage units that are imported into the UK on mass from overseas. This is not only bad for the UK based manufacturing industry but it also adds to our carbon footprint. On many of these sheds the finish quality of the metal is of a poor quality, which is what makes these sheds so cheap in the first place. These sheds are more likely to rust, even with ongoing maintenance, whereas a well maintained Asgard shed will last for years.

A metal shed made by Asgard is made from thick galvanised steel. The process of galvanising the metal makes the shed weatherproof and prevents the metal from rusting.  

The metal sheds are then coated in polyester powder coat paint in Asgard’s own paint plant. This final layer makes the sheds extra weatherproof, as well as tough and durable. As well as this Asgard only use rust-resistant zinc coated screws for the shed assembly.

Rust Is Common With Metal Sheds

If you’re interested in see what the inside of our factory looks like, including the paint plant visit our Factory Tour page.

For a direct quality comparison between an Asgard shed and the competition, take a look at our Metal Shed Comparison page.


Good quality metal sheds such as Asgard sheds are heavy. The heavy-weight of these sheds means that they are secure.

Some of the Asgard sheds weigh over 70 stone, meaning that burglars would find it very difficult to just lift of the roof and steal the contents from inside. The heavyweight doors also provide security, because they are difficult for a thief to break down.

On average Asgard units are around five times heavier than equivalent sized products from other companies.

With Asgard metal sheds you can choose to fix the unit to the floor using the fixing kit, which is included with the shed. By fixing the shed to the ground you will have maximum security for your tools and equipment.


Shed Security

When comparing an Asgard metal shed to one of its wooden competitors, you will be able to see that the wooden structure is a lot weaker. This means that the doors, side panels and roof can be easily destroyed in order to gain entry to the shed.

An Asgard unit has integral stiffeners, internal shoot bolts, double folded joints, hidden fixings, integral all metal floors, 3 and 5 point locking systems and ground anchor points. As well as this, the internal roof clips (on selected models) really do give you the maximum security possible.

Many of the Asgard sheds have been certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board, UK Lock Smiths Association and the Police’s Secured by Design initiative.

Shed Maintenance

Asgard sheds require a low level of maintenance, other than oiling the hinges and giving the unit a periodic wipe down.

Here are some of the benefits of having a low maintenance metal shed from Asgard.

  • No annual re-felting of the roof.
  • No repainting.
  • No rotten panels to replace.
  • No leaks.

The Benefits of an Asgard Shed

To summarise why Asgard’s metal sheds are better than wooden sheds, here are a few points to consider.

  • Low maintenance - no re-roofing or re-sealing - wooden sheds require constant care.
  • Asgard units will not rot or leak - wooden sheds are vulnerable to the weather.
  • Hidden ventilation system - reduces condensation in the units.
  • Very heavy units are almost impossible to move when assembled and fixed.
  • 3 or 5 point locking - A wooden shed will at best have a hasp and staple.
  • Rust proof* - galvanised steel which is then powder coated.
  • All units have an integral metal floor with ground fixing bolts - this adds weight and security.
  • Reinforced joints - Wooden units are weak and vulnerable to attack.
  • Industry approved locking system - We fit only the best locking systems.
  • Many units in the range are LPCB level 1 approved. -This can reduce your insurance premiums.
  • Many of our units are UK Locksmiths approved.
  • Full after sales support from a nationwide customer services team - If you have a problem, just call us.
Asgard sheds designed to beat garden theft
** typical product comparison.