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Metal Bike Shed, Storage For 3 Bikes**

Product code: ADD2

WAS £525


Store Up To 3 Bikes*

Metal bike shed, storage for storing 3 bikesMetal bike shed, storage for storing 3 bikes3 x bike storage dimensionsFitted with an integral metal base for security Tough 3 point locking systemPick resistant lock for great bike securitySpace for cycling accessories and toolsSpace for all of your bike accessories Store up to 3 bikes in The Addition bike shedMade from strong weatherproof steel

  • Metal bike shed, storage for storing 3 bikes
  • 3 x bike storage dimensions
  • Fitted with an integral metal base for security
  • Tough 3 point locking system
  • Pick resistant lock for great bike security
  • Space for cycling accessories and tools
  • Space for all of your bike accessories
  • Store up to 3 bikes in The Addition bike shed
  • Made from strong weatherproof steel
  • The Addition Metal Bike Shed. Store up to 3** bikes!

    The Asgard Addition is a UK made, all metal bike shed, providing secure bike storage for 3* bikes and all of your cycling equipment. Featuring pick resistant locks, this cycle storage store offers superior, professional, level bike security and is the ideal (one stop) secure store for all your mountain bikes, road bikes and general cycling equipment. The Addition bike shed is built from our thick, galvanised (weather proof) steel panels and features an integral metal floor and convenient large double door access (which you can hand for Left or Right opening) we have even included a rain guard above the door, to keep the drips off your feet!

    Weight Category Rating

    Weight Category Rating: 2

    The BIKE SHED X3 Metal Bike Shed, Storage For 3 Bikes is classed as a Weight Category 2.

    A Metal Bike Shed for the storage of 3 Bikes

    The Addition 3 bike store is a professional level cycle storage system ideal for safeguarding your most expensive bikes and riding equipment.  Approved and used by Cycling World, What Mountain Bike, Cycling Plus and Bike Radar you can be sure the Addition is a high quality, UK manufactured (all) metal bike shed.

    For security the Addition bike shed is fitted with a fantastic, 3 point locking system, combining a high-quality lock with a tough internal deadbolt system – so there is no need for additional internal locks!  This ultra strong locking system has a pick and drill resistant euro cylinder to help to keep thieves out and your bikes in.  All Asgard bike sheds are built from the inside out, so no exposed fixings on the outside, make this bike shed tough AND secrue.

    For even more security!!!! The full metal (integral) base of the Addition bike shed, can be bolted to ground using the supplied ground bolts to stop anyone from attempting to take away this 17 stone metal shed.

    All Asgard bike storage is designed to be long lasting and durable so all Asgard bike sheds are supplied with a 10 Year Warranty and delivered free to most of the mainland UK.

    Read the features tab for more detailed information.

    Take a look at the key features of the Asgard Addition metal bike shed

  • Addition Bike Store - Features

    Metal bike store for storing 3 bikes*

    **The number of bikes you can store will vary depending on the size and style of bike used.

    Please check before ordering.

  • print

    Bike Store x3 - Dimensions

    Addition x3 Dimensions

    • Half Width Shelves x1
      plus symbol

      Half Width Shelves x1...

      Heavy Duty Hooks x10

      Heavy Duty Hooks x10...

      WAS £49


      Bike Shed Accessory Pack

      Shed accessory pack

    • Addition 3 Bike Storage Shed
      plus symbol

      Addition 3 Bike Storage S...

      Heavy Duty Hooks x10
      plus symbol

      Heavy Duty Hooks x10...

      Heavy Duty Shelf x1
      plus symbol

      Heavy Duty Shelf x1...

      Wooden Floor x1

      Wooden Floor x1...

      WAS £595


      Bike Shed Pack

      Complete bike storage & accessory pack

    • Addition -  Metal Bike Shed
      plus symbol

      Addition - Metal Bike Sh...

      Half Width Shelf x1
      plus symbol

      Half Width Shelf x1...

      Heavy Duty Hooks x10
      plus symbol

      Heavy Duty Hooks x10...

      Heavy Duty Lock x1

      Heavy Duty Lock x1...

      WAS £580


      High Security Metal Bike Shed

      Sold secure bike shed complete pack

  • What mountain bike review Asgard bike storage


    What Mountain Bike said "We were so impressed that we bought our unit" - "The best secure bike store we have come across"


    Cycling world review Asgard bike storage


    Cycling World said, "The Asgard Addition provides excellent security for precious bikes and takes up only the smallest of spaces" 


    ealing cycle new likes asgard sheds


    Ealing Cycle News Shelving and hooks - anice touch - ideal for a narrow passage


    Cycling Plus Asgard review


    Cycling Plus Magazine rated our store 9/10 and wrote, “THE BEST BIKE STORAGE UNIT WE’VE SEEN BY A LONG WAY”


    Asgard BikeRadar Review


    BikeRadar said, “The level of security here makes it a clear best buy" 


    Asgard reviewed by roadcc


    Roadcc said,  "it is rather splendid - super secure etc.." 

  • Customer Reviews

    3 bike shed Review by



    Great product,easy to errect and secure.Recommend any one thinking of buying a bike shed to look at Asgard products and they are made in the UK.
    Excellent product, disorganised suppliers Review by



    Excellent product, disorganised suppliers The store is exactly what I needed, at a price I was happy with. I researched thoroughly before deciding, and the quotes I got from joinery companies for good quality, solid wooden stores of the same dimensions were all in the £800 area. I've had this store for a few months now, it stands beside the decking at my static caravan and is an asset to the site - looks smart and strong, blends in with the green theme, and although the site is crime-free it would be foolish to take that for granted so I wanted something secure. It stores 3 bikes with no problem, although it works best if you turn the handlebars of the first bike through 90 degrees. (I keep an allen key hanging in the store to make this quick and easy).
    I chose to build it myself and had no difficulty. You will need a good, solid base of paving flags or concrete pad. I put a concrete pad down in the dimensions recommended on the website and I'm glad I did that. I'm experienced at assembly and suspect most people will need 2 pairs of hands, at least until the first couple of panels are screwed together and standing up themselves. The use of a cordless driver is a must. Like other reviewers I found that a couple of holes did not line up properly. If this happens it's an easy fix with the driver - just put a small drill bit through where the holes partially line up. The screw will then follow. The roof is held in place by [ - shaped metal pieces which pass through slots near the top of the side panels. I found that one of these interfered with the fitting of the rain strip above the doors. I simply left it out - the roof is more than adequately secured by the rest.
    I bought a shelf for tools etc and 2 hook packs. I strongly recommend these, they make a big difference by keeping your floor space clear for the bikes.
    So that's the product.
    The suppliers, Flexiform of Leeds, did not cover themselves in glory. The store arrived for delivery on a flatbed truck on a day when I couldn't be there.( I supplied delivery instructions.) The driver decided the truck was too large to enter the site and left without delivering. This is a site at which giant flatbed lorries deliver 38ft caravans regularly and without difficulty!! You could drive a bus sideways through the entrance, so there was no excuse - but even if that wasn't the case, my caravan is only 30m from the gate - why didn't they carry the flat-packed panels to where I asked them to be dropped? Ignorant or just lazy? Both I suspect.
    I rang to complain and the issue was picked up later that day by a nice guy called Neil Moore, who rang me personally to investigate, even gave me his own mobile number, and sorted out a second delivery within a few days. Unfortunately the hinge screws were not included in the pack, so I still couldn't fit the doors! I complained again and the screws were then sent to my home address, 100 miles away from where I needed them.
    I was told that my case had been passed to 'Helen' at the company who would contact me to arrange some discount for all the inconvenience. Predictably I'm still waiting, 8 months later.
    If it hadn't been for Neil intervening I shudder to think how long I'd have had to wait for delivery.
    Anyway, delivery woes aside, the main thing is that I have a cracking bike store which cost a lot less than inferior wooden alternatives, and I'd still recommend the product to anyone.
    Peace of mind - solid and secure Review by



    We ordered the Bike Shed x3 as our normal wooden shed at the bottom of the garden was getting crowded - as luck would have it, before the Asgard arrived, my bike got stolen :(

    The Asgard x3 is a solidly built bit of kit that really does add some proper security to our bike storage. Pity it didn't arrive sooner! We are very pleased with ours and its deceptively large - we have 3 mountain bikes and a BMX in it. I've added a wireless switch to the lid so its connected to our house alarm too - its much more secure than our old wooden shed. A thief is not going to find it easy getting into here without power tools and making a lot of noise. Its also screwed to the floor, so you can't just pick it up and take it away.

    Very glad we bought this and feel much better about our bike storage now. Bike theft is a menace and is on the rise - Highly recommended secure storage.
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Easy Fit - Half Width Shelf

Easy Fit - Half Width Shelf

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