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Gladiator Plus 1 Shed (7ft 4" x 10ft 9")

Product code: GLAD2

WAS £1,600


7x11 metal garden shedInternal door locking bolts provide extra securityAdd extensions to expand the Gladiator storage unit Large double door access ideal for storing big itemsExtra wide secure metal sheds for domestic & commercial useFitted with a tough 5 point locking system Pick resistant euro cylinder lockDoor bolts for added security Fit shelves and hooks to maximise storage7x11 metal garden shed7x11 metal garden shed dimensions

  • Internal door locking bolts provide extra security
  • Add extensions to expand the Gladiator storage unit
  • Large double door access ideal for storing big items
  • Extra wide secure metal sheds for domestic & commercial use
  • Fitted with a tough 5 point locking system
  • Pick resistant euro cylinder lock
  • Door bolts for added security
  • Fit shelves and hooks to maximise storage
  • 7x11 metal garden shed
  • 7x11 metal garden shed dimensions
  • iKnow ISO 14001 LPCB Approved Secured by Design


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    The Gladiator Plus 1 – 7 x 11 Extra Large Secure Metal Garden Shed

    The Gladiator Plus 1 is one of the largest “off the shelf” metal garden sheds, measuring 7 x 11 feet. Suitable for storing high value gardening tools and equipment securely, this shed, which is built from thick gauge, galvanised steel is a must have storage unit for the security conscious home owner, who has large items to store. At over 3 metres long and 68 stone in weight, this shed offers a seriously sturdy storage solution.


    Weight Category Rating

    The Asgard Gladiator Plus 1 metal shed

    The Asgard Gladiator Plus XL Metal Shed is Weight Category 5.



    As well as being one of the largest “off the shelf” steel garden sheds, the Gladiator Plus 1 is also one of the securest and for this reason it has been awarded the following certificates.


    Ventilation and Condensation Protection

    The Gladiator Plus 1 – 7 x 11 Extra Large Shed, has been designed to efficiently and securely larger pieces of gardening equipment and tools, such as lawn mowers and cement mixers. When you’re storing expensive items in your shed, some of which electrical items, it’s important they are not affected by weather conditions or the build-up of condensation inside the shed.

    This Extra Large Steel Shed has a hidden ventilation system in the roof, which keeps condensation down to a minimum and your tools safe and dry.

    The metal that the shed is made out of goes through a galvanising process and is coated in coloured polyester powder coat paint, making the entire shed weatherproof.


  • 7 x 11 Metal Shed - Features

    Extra large metal garden shed

      • The Gladiator Plus 1 - rust resistant, strong, thick, galvanised steel  - weatherproof storage.
      • 68 stone (433kg in weight) - the Gladiator Plus 1 is one of the heaviest Asgard sheds. 
      • Reinforced hinges - for strength and security.
      • Reinforced panels - folded for strength.
      • Reinforced doors - to prevent forced entry.


      • Reinforced handle and lock system - preventing forced entry
      • Supplied with a 10-Year Warranty. - quality, made in the UK.
      • Hidden air vents around the unit - minimizes the build up of condensation inside your shed.
      • Featuring a high quality 5 point shed locking system - designed for security.
      • Pick resistant euro cylinder lock - also drill resistant. 
      • Reinforced double doors - walk or ride your ride into your Asgard.



    • Self assembly using the illustrated instructions. 
    • A comprehensive assembly service available - select at the checkout when placing your order.
    • Electric mounting plate kit fitted as standard to add power to your unit  - which gives you the option to have external power in your garden. (Note: A qualified electrician is required to install power unit and wiring (not supplied by Asgard)
    • choice of hardwearing colours available - to suit any garden environment.
    • Maintenance free - no rotting (unlike wooden sheds) - 10 Year Warranty.
    • Designed and manufactured here by a manufacturer with over 30 years of  experience.
    • Free UK Mainland delivery click here for details (to most of the uk)*


    Please note: The Internal components pictured are optional extras and not included in the basic price.

    Please note: That before installation can take place a level, firm surface will be required. (e.g. concrete, tarmac, patio 50mm/2" thick) before installation. The base must be solid, completely flat and secure. 

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    Extra Large Metal Shed Gladiator Plus1 - Dimensions

    Gladiator P2 - Garden shed dimensions

    • Heavy Duty Hooks x10
      plus symbol

      Heavy Duty Hooks x10...

      Heavy Duty Shelves x2

      Heavy Duty Shelves x2...

      WAS £79


      Gladiator shed Storage Pack

      Metal garden storage accessory pack

    • Gladiator XL Shed - weatherproof and secure
      plus symbol

      Gladiator XL Shed - weath...

      Wooden Floor x3
      plus symbol

      Wooden Floor x3...

      Heavy Duty Shelves x2
      plus symbol

      Heavy Duty Shelves x2...

      Freestanding Ramp x1
      plus symbol

      Freestanding Ramp x1...

      Heavy Duty Hooks x10

      Heavy Duty Hooks x10...

      WAS £1,713


      Gladiator Plus 1 Storage Pack

      Metal garden storage complete pack

  • Customer Reviews

    Great shed ... approved by the competition! Review by



    We chose this shed to replace an old, leaky asbestos garage. We needed somewhere safe and watertight to store our bikes and other general garden stuff and this Asgard shed does exactly that. It also sits nicely at the bottom of our garden and - we have a green one - blends in pretty well.

    We employed a local contractor to lay the concrete base for the shed (it's in a different place to the old garage). This contractor also builds and supplies wooden sheds so when I told them the base was for a metal shed they were pretty dismissive. A few weeks later they returned to do another job and had a good look at the Asgard shed. They agreed it was the best metal shed they'd ever seen. They greatly admired the quality of the paint finish and stopped saying that wooden sheds were better :)
    Great Product. Very strong and verstaile shelving. Review by



    I got 7x11 shed to replace a garden shed and workshop. I wasn't sure how I could combine the two but there are lots of options for shelf/hook/eyelet placement that everything fits easily and still have plenty of space to move and work.
    This is a very strong and secure piece of kit. It is very well designed and I expect it will last for years.
    It is really worth paying attention to the instructions on the website before you buy. The base has to be solid and level. My concrete base was not perfectly level but the fitters made sure the finshed construction was excellent.
    That brings me to another point. Unless you are very handy and have a strong friend to help getting this monster put together will not be easy. I paid for the fitting which was well worth the money. Two guys turned up on time having travelled half the length of the country and spent a couple of hours building the shed and making sure I was happy before setting off on a long trip home.
    2nd Asgard purchase, wouldn't buy anything else Review by



    We already had an Asgard 2x bike storage locker, so when we renovated the garden the Asgard was an easy choice.

    Its superbly constructed with no external fixings to keep it secure, the installation was an absolute bargain and the team who installed it were very careful and did a great job.

    The pre-sales support was great when I wanted to make sure the electric cable was in the right place around the base. The team even supplied technical drawings to make sure we had it just right.

    The deal was very good for the bundle with shelves and sub floor and hooks.

    Thank you Asgard.
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Universal Shed Hooks (10 Pack)

Universal Shed Hooks (10 Pack)

Easy Fit Shelf Kit (2 Shelves)

Easy Fit Shelf Kit (2 Shelves)

WAS £69


Easy Fit Ramp

Easy Fit Ramp

Gladiator Plus 1 Subfloor

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