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Motorcycle Garage Video Review from UKLA

The Asgard Motorcycle Garage - Video Review from the UKLA

The Motorcycle Garage from Asgard has been awarded the much coveted UKLSA accreditation by the UK Locksmiths Association.

See the video review here

Read the full report here

The Asgard Motorcycle Garage was put through rigorous testing by the UKLA to analyse the overall security and build quality.  From delivery through to self assembly. The UKLA did it all.

We are happy to report the Asgard motorcycle garage did pretty well indeed!!

The Asgard motorcycle garage has been designed and manufactured here in the UK (Yorkshire) to the highest standards and represents the best in home grown UK engineering and manufacturing.

Made from fully galvanised steel, this weatherproof motorcycle garage features a drill and pick resistant lock, a fantastic 5 point locking system and dead bolts! 

Inside you will find a leather and helmet hook rail, an integral full metal floor – with ground fixing bolts included for bolting to the ground – an electric mounting plate – for adding power to the unit …. And a handy shelf (great for maintenance gear). ………

The garage is fully ventilated with roof vents and side mounted vents – allowing air to flow freely inside the motorcycle garage, keeping condensation down to a minimum – keeping your bike safe and dry all year round.

The storage unit has proved to be extremely popular amongst bikers and scooter owners across the UK. 

Watch the Motorbike Garage unit being installed by the UK Locksmiths Association video link below.

Take a look here and read the full Asgard – UK Locksmiths Association report (PDF)

Motorbike garage review

Tom Robinson from the UK Development Team at UKLA awarded the Asgard Motorcycle Garage Plus Unit with the accreditation saying;
"Thanks for the product, really impressed by the standard. Use the UKLA logo as a statement of our trust in your product".
Click to read more about the Motorcycle Storage unit from Asgard and the range of motorbike garages that can give security, storage and protection to all motorbikes.