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Gladiator Plus 2 shed (7ft 4" x l4ft 5")

Product code: GLAD4

WAS £1,800


7 x 14 Metal shed - The Gladiator Plus2Large double door access ideal for big itemsStrong 5 point locking systemSecure pick resistant locking mechanism Extra extensions are available - Use as many as you likeEasy access ramp available for big and heavy itemsDoor bolts for the best in garden security Internal door locking bolts keep garden items secureXXL Metal storage units Bolts for the best security7 x 14 Metal shed - The Gladiator Plus27x14 metal garden shed dimensions

  • Large double door access ideal for big items
  • Strong 5 point locking system
  • Secure pick resistant locking mechanism
  • Extra extensions are available - Use as many as you like
  • Easy access ramp available for big and heavy items
  • Door bolts for the best in garden security
  • Internal door locking bolts keep garden items secure
  • XXL Metal storage units
  • Bolts for the best security
  • 7 x 14 Metal shed - The Gladiator Plus2
  • 7x14 metal garden shed dimensions
  • iKnow go4green ISO 14001 LPCB Approved Secured by Design


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    Extra Large All Metal Shed: The Gladiator Plus 2

    The Gladiator Plus 2 is one of our extra large all metal sheds, the extra size make the Gladiator Plus 2 suitable for very large items of garden machinery, or play equipment. Just like all of our other high quality products, the Gladiator Plus 2 is built from very thick, heavy gauge, galvanized (weather proof) steel panels.  This all metal shed is designed to keep both the bad weather and the thieves out.

    Weight Category Rating

    The Asgard Gladiator Plus 2 Shed

    The Asgard Gladiator Plus 2 XXL Metal Shed is Weight Category 6.

    XXL Metal Shed

    At over 4 metres long this extra large metal shed has a number of fantastic security features designed to keep your most valuable items stored safely our of view. This extra large metal shed has a tough, (pick and drill resistant) with a secure 5 point locking system featuring internal deadbolts.  The Gladiator, also features reinforced doors and a full metal floor (which can be bolted to a concrete base using the supplied fixings). All of these features help to make the Gladiator Plus 2 a very large and an exceptionally secure metal garden shed.

    Other features of this metal shed include a large double door access, for manoeuvring large items easily in and out of the shed.  All Asgard sheds feature our unique ventilation system to maximise air flow inside the unit and minimise condensation.

    We are so proud of our metal storage – every Asgard storage product is supplied with a free 10 year warranty as standard.

    (*Please note that the Wooden Flooring is an optional extra - please refer to the Accessories section)

  • 7 x 14 Heavy Duty Garden Store

    Extra large garden shed

    • The Gladiator Plus 2 is rust resistant, galvanized steel - full weather proof finish.
    • At 539kg in weight (that's over 85 stone) - the Gladiator P2 is the heaviest of our Metal Sheds.  
      • Welded hinges - designed to prevent forced entry.
      • Reinforced panels - for strength and security.
      • Reinforced doors - to prevent forced entry.
      • Reinforced lock - with dead bolts.
      • Supplied with a 10 Year Warranty - UK made quality.


      • unique ventilation system - minimizes moisture in the unit.
      • Robust 5 point metal shed locking system - with dead bolts.
      • Metal lock shroud - steel plates for extra security. 
      • Pick resistant euro cylinder lock - also drill resistant.
      • Large easy access reinforced double doors - walk into the unit.
      • Integral metal base included - complete with a fixings for bolting to your base.





    Note: The Internal components pictured are optional extras and not included in the basic price.

    Note: That before installation can take place a level, firm surface will be required. (e.g. concrete, tarmac, patio 50mm/2'thick) before installation. The base must be solid, completely flat and secure. 

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    Extra Extra Large Metal Shed: Gladiator Plus 2

    XXL Metal Shed

    • Heavy Duty Shelves x2
      plus symbol

      Heavy Duty Shelves x2 ...

      Heavy Duty Hooks x10

      Heavy Duty Hooks x10...

      WAS £79


      Gladiator Plus 2 Accessory Pack

      7x14 shed accessory pack

    • Gladiator XXL Metal Shed
      plus symbol

      Gladiator XXL Metal Shed...

      Heavy Duty Shelves x2
      plus symbol

      Heavy Duty Shelves x2...

      Heavy Duty Hooks x10
      plus symbol

      Heavy Duty Hooks x10...

      Freestanding Ramp x1
      plus symbol

      Freestanding Ramp x1...

      Wooden Floor x4

      Wooden Floor x4...

      WAS £1,968


      Gladiator Plus 2 Pack

      Metal garden storage complete pack

  • Customer Reviews

    British engineering and design at it's best ! Review by



    Just bought and installed a Gladiator +2.
    I just have to say what a fantastic example of engineering, design and manufacture it is.
    The delivery team were great and positioned the parts in the correct order for assembly.
    The individual parts were very accurately manufactured and all screw holes aligned perfectly.
    I fitted the hundreds of self-tapping screws with a cordless drill which I would say is a must.
    The instructions were clear and straightforward.
    Delivery was three weeks after placing my order online.
    I recognise that these are not the cheapest metal sheds, but for quality and security they are clearly the best.
    Well Made Product Good Service Review by



    I have bought a Gladiator Plus 2.

    I went to the factory and had a look at a shorter version built up. Tracy was very helpful and friendly and all my questions were answered quickly and efficiently. I was impressed by the build quality compared to other metal sheds that I have seen.

    The delivery was in the week that was given at order, and at the time given when the actual delivery date was agreed. The two men that delivered it were very helpful and friendly and gave me some useful advice about assembling it as they often put them up.

    It took 2 of us about 6 hours to put up without rushing. We could do in about 4/5 now that we know how! We are both engineers and were impressed with the fit of the panels and alignment of holes etc. No redrilling or forcing and bending was required to get it to fit together. Once assembled it is rigid structure.

    There are a couple of points. I used 2 full tubes of Evo Stik clear all weather sealant rather than silicone as there was a probability of some dampness during assembly. No point in saving a fiver on a project like this. I may have been a bit generous with sealant but a single tube (as instructions) would not be enough. Using clear on the Green shed meant any excess does not show in the joints. I would advise buying the accessory package with the shed as it really does need the Stirling Board floor.

    The only small problem was that we were short of about 10 screws, I had some suitable in stock so it was not a big problem, however it would have been very frustrating if I had not got any as we were fitting the ridge with the sealant wet. This is the reason for the loss of 1 star in overall.

    I am very pleased with it and impressed with the security and build quality. I would buy another if I needed one. Service was excellent and friendly.
    Brilliant Review by



    Well designed secure shed, don't hesitate to buy - well worth the money.

    Building it yourself lets you see the niceties of the design, but think carefully about getting the company to build it - they will make it look easy.
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