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Access Plus Shed - (7ft 7" x 3ft 4")

Product code: ACC6

WAS £660


8ft x4ft metal shed storageFitted with 2 shrouded locking points and a dead bolt for securityReinforced, gas assisted lid - a tough UK made metal garden shedMaximise storage with hooks and shelvesMetal garden shed with reinforced doors offer great securityAsgard metal garden sheds - made from strong weatherproof steel8 x 4 metal garden shed dimensionsEasy to use handle for the lift up llidAccessory HooksTough, shrouded metal locking system8ft x4ft metal shed storageIntegral metal floorReinforced corners provide additional security Shrouded metal lock housingFitted shelves for storing accessories

  • Fitted with 2 shrouded locking points and a dead bolt for security
  • Reinforced, gas assisted lid - a tough UK made metal garden shed
  • Maximise storage with hooks and shelves
  • Metal garden shed with reinforced doors offer great security
  • Asgard metal garden sheds - made from strong weatherproof steel
  • 8 x 4 metal garden shed dimensions
  • Easy to use handle for the lift up llid
  • Accessory Hooks
  • Tough, shrouded metal locking system
  • 8ft x4ft metal shed storage
  • Integral metal floor
  • Reinforced corners provide additional security
  • Shrouded metal lock housing
  • Fitted shelves for storing accessories

    8 x 4 Metal garden shed: The Access Plus Garden Shed   

    The Access Plus metal garden shed boasts both storage space and security. Made from weatherproof galvanised heavy gauge steel, the 8 x 4 is tough yet easy to navigate in and out of. Featuring an easy to use gas powered lift up lid and double front door access, you can easily put your lawnmower and garden tools inside and not have to worry about tripping up over things. 


    Weight Category Rating

    Weight Category Rating: 2

    The 8X4 ACCESS METAL SHED is classed as a Weight Category 2.

    Safe, secure and dry metal garden shed

    As well as easy access, the 8 x 4 metal garden shed comes fitted with two galvanised steel external shrouded locks. This coupled alongside an internal locking bar makes sure that your possessions are kept as safe as possible. The compact nature of the 8 x 4 metal garden shed makes it extremely secure and versatile for garden storage.

    With an integral metal base and unique roof ventilation system, condensation is kept to a minimum as air is able to flow within the shed despite it being locked. The integral metal base makes for a stronger and stiffer shed than those without, providing an even better level of security. The integrity and security of the Access Plus Garden is strengthened through the reinforced doors and level 8 rated padlocks (optional). The galvanised finish also allows us to keep your tools and possessions safe but also dry, regardless of the weather conditions.

    Asgard sheds are also supplied with ground bolts, giving you the option to bolt your Asgard metal garden shed to the ground - for even more protection against theft! , designed to help keep thieves out and your tools in!

    As with all Asgard sheds the Access Plus (8 x 4) metal garden shed comes supplied complete with a 10 Year Warranty and free UK delivery*.  Remember that all Asgard metal garden sheds are designed and made here in the UK to the highest standards.  You can be sure this is a quality ALL metal garden shed and not to be confused with poor quality plastic or wooden sheds.  Compare Asgard sheds to the competition.

    A full range of accessory packs are available; including Asgard heavy duty shelves and strong hook packs to maximise your Access metal garden sheds storage capability.

    All Asgard metal garden sheds are designed and manufactured here in the UK by a manufacturer with 40 years of experience.

  • The Access Plus 8 x 4 Metal Garden Shed - Features

    Garden shed with easy lift lid

    We recommend level 8 rated locks for use with the Access Plus metal garden shed.

    Please note: The Internal components pictured are optional extras and not included in the basic price.

    Please note: That before installation can take place a level, firm surface will be required. (e.g. concrete, tarmac, patio 50mm/2" thick) before installation. The base must be solid, completely flat and secure.


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    Access Plus Garden (8 x 4 Metal Garden Shed) - Dimensions

    Metal garden Storage dimensions

  • Customer Reviews

    Beautifully finished product with first class customer srvice Review by



    After much research on the Internet, we chose the Asgard metal shed.
    Telephone enquiries were quickly responded to and a friendly lady most helpful.
    Delivery was as promised, and on the day a telephone call updated us on ETA.
    The delivery company delivered the boxes to exactly where we wanted them, which was some way from the parking place.
    Everything in the boxes was well labelled and the shed soon emerged and everything fitted together.
    We were particularly impressed by the finish of the edges, with no sharp corners.
    The finished shed is perfect for our needs and its colour blends into the surroundings
    Well done everyone at Asgard!
    Perfect storage Review by



    Delivered promptly, easy assembly perfect storage.
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