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Motorcycle disc lock

Product code: ASGLOCK16


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  • Oxford screamer lock
  • Motorcycle security lock
  • Screamer - Motorcycle Disc Lock

    The Screamer Motorcycle Disc Lock is an attack activated motorcycle alarm which gives you that extra security for your bike when not in use. Once activated, if someone then attempts to move your bike or tamper with the lock, the 100db siren will activate automatically, emitting a shrill of 100 decibels to put off would-be bike thieves and alert you.

    The Screamer Motorcycle Disc Lock is solid enough to withstand attack, but compact enough to slip into its pouch and can be stored under most bike seats when not in use.

    The 7mm locking pin fits through the holes on the brake discs of the majority of motorcycles. There are 3 keys supplied with the lock, with a key way cover to protect the locking mechanism against dirt and dust. The lock can also be secured without the alarm being activated, if required.

    This Screamer Motorbike Disc Lock will provide good value for money high security protection for your motorbike and scooter. You can use this alarm both when you’re out and about or as an additional security measure inside your motorbike storage unit. 

    • The Screamer Attack Activated Alarm Disc Lock is a great addition to your bike security featuring: 100db siren loud enough to put off would-be bike thieves and alert you.
    • A 7mm Locking Pin, with a fast and easy-to-use push lock system.
    • Includes Carry Pouch and can be stored under the seat when not in use.
    • With normal usage, the typical battery life is approx 6-9 months.
    • Replacement batteries available“ use 6 x AG13 button cell batteries (or same specification).
    • Supplied with 3 keyswith a key way cover to protect the locking mechanism against dirt and dust. (A replacement key service is also available if required).

    Alarm Lock Instructions:

    • 1) When you secure the lock to a disc, it will beep once. You then have 15 seconds to press the button and thereby activate the alarm. When you do, you will hear a second beep.
    • 2) If the lock position is changed or if the lock is attached, it will beep 4 times before the siren goes off for 10 seconds.
    • 3) If the lock is left alone it will re-set and re-arm. If the lock is moved or attacked again the siren will continue to go off.
    • Transporting the Alarm Lock: Keep the Screamer un-locked during transportation to avoid any chance of the alarm being set off

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