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Garden security with help and advice from Asgard

Provide your garden with the best security

Shed force are always looking around the internet for hints and tips on how to protect your property. So when we find some useful information, we tell you about it! Here is a Notts Police report on how to secure your property.

The humble garden shed has increasingly become a happy hunting ground for thieves.

With security on houses upgraded, traditional burglars are actually opting for easy pickings at the end of the garden.

The shed, garage or outbuilding - tucked away from the house is often far easier to break into, and less likely to be alarmed. However it is an Aladdin's cave of swag and bounty for the thief.  Many sheds these  days carry more stock than a small hardware corner shop, with household and garden DIY power tools neatly arranged on shelves or stowed on purpose made brackets and clips.

protect your stuff with good garden security from asgard

From the villains perspective such items are small, lightweight and easier to make off with than a TV, computer or mini hi-fi system. Although cheaper to buy than some household items they are expensive enough to buy new that they carry a healthy second hand value and can be quite sought after.

Consequently they are quite easy to fence. From the police point of view there is a risk that shed breaks can go unreported and not investigated. The courts may take a less serious attitude to a shed  burglary - after all there is no significant threat of violence or assault to a householder. The best ploy is to defend all your property from theft.

Sheds are notoriously easy to break into. A padlock (cheap or expensive), fitted on a flimsy clasp, held by a couple of tiny screws in a soft timber doorframe offers no real protection. Windows are even less secure. Some thieves have been known to jemmy off a whole shed panel or roof to get inside. Once in, the tools are ready to hand and unlikely to be security marked.

The only real solution is to spend a little time considering what you can do.  A better-designed or built shed is a good start.  Then think about where the shed is sited. Consider having flood lighting illuminating that part of the garden and fitting mains or battery powered alarms.  Firmly secure the shed door and windows and make sure the shed is anchored to the ground.  It has been known for sheds to be lifted up and stowed and locked away.  You may not be able to stop determined thieves from getting in but you can delay them getting their hands on your possessions - no thief wants to hang about longer than they have to.