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Cycle Storage x 8 Police Approved

Gladiator Cycle Store - heavy duty all metal cycle storage
All Metal bike storage shed - heavy duty, weatherproof  construction
Gladiator Cycle Store Bike Storage - store your bikes & equipment together
Bike Stand - hold your bikes securely
Universal Hooks for accessories - Hang you gear where you want
Internal Bike Stand - keep your bikes upright and stored safely
Unique Ventilation System - keeping condensation to a minimum
Securely hold your bikes in place
Reinforced Hinges and reinforced doors
Add power to the shed and charge your lights
Shelves for storing all your accessories with your bikes
Gladiator Cycle Store - heavy duty all metal cycle storage
All Metal bike storage shed - heavy duty, weatherproof  construction
Gladiator Cycle Store Bike Storage - store your bikes & equipment together
Bike Stand - hold your bikes securely
Universal Hooks for accessories - Hang you gear where you want
Internal Bike Stand - keep your bikes upright and stored safely
Unique Ventilation System - keeping condensation to a minimum
Securely hold your bikes in place
Reinforced Hinges and reinforced doors
Add power to the shed and charge your lights
Shelves for storing all your accessories with your bikes

WAS £1,490


can sleep easy at night knowing my gear is nice and safe. Well done Asgard
  • Details

    Gladiator Cycle Store

    The Asgard Gladiator Cycle Store is the widest and most spacious Cycle Store yet. Manufactured in the UK from thick heavy gauge galvanised (weatherproof) steel, it’s one of the safest and most comfortable ways to securely store your valuable bikes and cycling accessories. The 18 gauge steel results in the Gladiator Cycle Store weighing in at an incredible 441kg or 69.6 stone. The weight of this incredible cycle store adds to its security as it isn’t going to budge, not even for the UK’s harshest and windiest weather.

    Weight Category Rating

    Weight Category Rating: 5

    The is classed as a Weight Category 5.

    The Gladiator Cycle Store is wider than all previous Asgard Cycle Stores, measuring at 2.2m wide and featuring double door access. This extra space means you can comfortably manoeuvre around inside and effortlessly get up to 6 bikes in and out. It also comes with an integral metal base which can then be bolted to the ground for even more security.

    The Gladiator Cycle Store comes as a complete package, which includes the wooden flooring, hooks, shelves and access ramp. The heavy duty access ramp makes it effortless to get your bikes in and out of the Cycle Store which combines with the wooden floor for a level base that also protects the steel floor at the same time as protecting your bike tyres.  Included with the Gladiator bike store is a rack for holding four bikes upright and apart inside this ultra secure shed.  Still not enough room?  Buy extra back racks to store 6 bikes, each in their own wheel holder.

    For Asgard security is key, and keeping all of your bikes and accessories safe and secure is something we take pride in. The Gladiator Cycle Store features a 5 point locking system which is made up of a pick and drill resistant lock, as well as 10mm heavy duty deadbolts. The lock is also secured with a steel shroud lock casing and the handle features a security feature of its own. In the event of a break in, excess force on the handle will cause it to snap off stopping the intruder from getting inside.

    Child Friendly Bike Storage

    The Gladiator Cycle Store is a child friendly way to store your bikes. Unlike conventional bike storage, the Gladiator Cycle Store features an internal handle, meaning children can't accidentally lock themselves in. Also unlike many wooden sheds, all Asgard sheds have no exposed screws, which keeps everyone out of harm’s way.

    Please note:
    - Asgard do not fit the electric sockets as part of the installation option. 
    - A professional, qualified electrician should be contacted when installing electrical equipment.
    - The electrical sockets and wiring are not provided as part of this package.
    - The sockets shown are for illustration only - available from Screwfix.com.

    *You must check the size of your bikes before ordering

    Product Code: MB8

  • Features

    2.2m Wide Bike Storage

    Product Code: MB8

    Gladiator Cycle Store storage

    The Gladiator Cycle Store pack includes

    Includes: Full metal integral metal base - with fixings for securing the garage to the ground. 
    Includes: Easy access Ramp - easy access for your bikes. 
    Includes: Wooden sub flooring - sits on top of the metal base to prevent tyre damage. 
    Includes: Tough shelf pack (x2 shelves).
    Includes: Electric mounting plates x (2) - add power to your unit (Note: qualified electrician required to install power unit and wiring - not supplied). 
    Includes: Universal Hooks (x10 hooks).
    Includes: Gladiator bike rack (4 bike stands)*.

    *The Gladiator Bike Rack is supplied with 4 bike stands as standard. 2 Extra bike stands can be purchased to increase the bike rack storage to 6 bikes.

    Key features include:

    • Constructed from 18 gauge galvanised steel - tough & heavy duty.
    • 441kg in weight (that's 69.6 stone) - this is a heavy duty cycle store.
    • Police Approved design - Secured by Design.
    • Designed and made here in the UK - 10-Year Warranty.
    • Asgard ventilation system keeps condensation reduced - Your bikes stay safe and dry.
    • A further ventilated side panel - allows exhaust vapours to escape.
    • Large double doors - walk in or ride your bikes into the Gladiator Cycle Store.
    • Five point locking system - with deadbolts provides unequalled Cycle Store security.
    • Supplied with 2 keys - order additional keys via customer services.
    • Reinforced hinges - to help to prevent forced entry.
    • Reinforced panels - 18 gauge steel to help to prevent forced entry.
    • Reinforced doors - extra security and peace of mind.
    • Welded hinges - for security.
    • Reinforced locking - shrouded locking mechanism for increased security.
    • Pick and drill resistant lock - keeping the thieves out.

    Please check your bike size before ordering.

    **please check with your local planning authority before ordering

    Note: pictured is a plywood floor - We have now upgraded the flooring to OSB board as part of our green policy.

    Please note: Before installation can take place a level, a firm surface will be required. (e.g. concrete, tarmac, patio 50mm/2" thick) before installation. The base must be solid, completely flat and secure.

  • Dimensions

    Gladiator Cycle Store - Dimensions

    Gladiator Cycle storage from Asgard

  • Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews

    Fantastic 8-bike metal shed Review by



    After our old insecure wooden shed rotted away and had to be replaced, we opted for the Asgard Cycle Storage x8 metal shed (also called the 'Gladiator Cycle Unit' on our delivery note and 'Gladiator Motorcycle' on our assembly instructions). Here are our thoughts:
    DELIVERY: 9-week lead time, but we were told about this at the outset and considered the wait worth it in terms of getting the right shed. Towards the end of the 9-week period it looked as if I was going to have to swap my days at work to receive the delivery, but after a couple of phone calls it ended up being a day that was more convenient.
    ASSEMBLY: we opted for self-assembly in order to save the substantial assembly cost. It took us a lot longer than the 2 hours that apparently the fitters take (if that's how long it takes them I take my hat off!) - more like a whole day with 2 people. You definitely need 2 people some of the time, to hold up the corner pieces until they stand up on their own, and to put the roof sections on. It was fine doing it ourselves: a long day, but satisfying, and the instructions were very good on the whole (with just a query needed to confirm that the roof joint strips are fitted just with silicone). You definitely need a power tool for all the screws except the door hinges. The shed sat really well on our concrete base, with all the holes lining up pretty neatly.
    QUALITY OF ASSEMBLED SHED: seems excellent quality in terms of anti-rust galvanised finish, anti-theft robustness, ventilation, rain- and snow-shedding apex roof etc. Also very good internal space and nice touches like metal channels to cover up the sharp screw ends, a ramp by the front doors, plastic wedges of different thicknesses supplied in case the base isn't quite level... We also think it's pretty attractive in our garden, blending in well - at least with the green colour we chose (see photo).
    OVERALL VERDICT: not cheap, but it feels like a very good investment which will be maintence-free and will provide peace of mind for our bikes and gardening stuff.
    Fantastic 8-bike metal shed
    Solid & Secure Review by



    I ordered this after quite a bit of research. The product is as good as the website suggests. Solid construction and does the trick of holding my five bikes, plus helmets, shoes and servicing equipment. Paid for install and well worth it. The two fellas were extremely courteous and had it built in less than 2 hours. I know that would have taken me at least a day and half. Two small watch outs - arranging delivery was easy but I hadn't considered I would need to fit in with other scheduled deliveries. It wasn't a problem, just not what I was expecting. The chipboard sub floor is also a little oversized on the cut and doesn't sit completely flush as it doesn't allow for the base pins/screws sticking out (hence losing a star).
    Solid & Secure
    Seriously secure and really well made. Review by



    Firstly, this is a superb bit of kit!

    We recently moved house and in the process forfeited a garage in order to gain more internal space, but this left us needing storage for 6 bikes.
    I came across the Asgard sheds and decided this would provide the solution we needed.
    We went for the ‘cycle storage x8’ shed in brown, which is sized at approx 2.2m x 2.7m.

    Firstly a few minor negatives BUT these do not affect the actual unit quality itself.....
    - there was no call on the day by the driver to confirm the expected delivery yime, despite being told this would happen.
    - there was no call from Asgard staff to confirm the delivery date, as it drew close, and formally arrange the delivery
    - an incorrect panel was sent and, due to it being almost identical to the correct panel required, wasn’t spotted until the shed was 40% erected. The replacement was sorted quickly after a little firm persuasion. I had no doubt Asgard would sort the problem, but the service was not initially understanding of the immediacy of our requirement.
    - the bike rack was missing from the original delivery. After reading a few other reviews, this seems to have happened on a number of occasions. When I chased this up, I was told that I hadn’t ordered it. I had to explain that the bike rack was included within the price/spec, and Direct the staff member to the spec on their website to check. So be aware of this if you do order.
    It’s a minor quibble but irritating at the time.
    - the panels were delivered loose within the delivery van. This was not how I was told it would be delivered. The Asgard transport manager had told me that the shed parts would be delayed feed within a basket container that could be wheeled up the drive to unload. The upshot of all this was that some of the panels were scratched due to the loose storage in transit. Asgard have since provided some touch up paint so I am happy with that.

    Onto the unit itself and it is positives all the way!
    - the construction is superb.
    - every hole for screw fitting lines up perfectly. It was a pleasure to put together and very straightforward.
    - the locking mechanism appears incredibly robust and instills confidence.
    - the unit looks far better in our garden than I ever imagined. My wife is fully approving of the appearance, which is important as I know she had concerns over a large brown metal box being erected in the garden being a potential eyesore. Thankfully no such problems!
    - Lot’s of space inside for bikes, racking systems etc. With a bit of creative thinking you will be able to neatly store A LOT of gear in here.
    - I have elevated one bike off the floor using a floor to roof bike stand, which makes even greater use of the storage capacity and illustrates some options you may want to explore when considering how many bikes you need storage for.

    To summarise, I’m really happy with my Asgard bike garage. It is an impressively secure and robust product and well worth the investment. For the final step in security I am getting an alarm sensor installed to link to our house alarm system. I can barely think what else I could do to better protect my bikes.
    To echo what others have said, “I can sleep easy at night”

    Seriously secure and really well made.
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Asgard Gladiator shed shelf kit

WAS £69


Bike Rack Storage

WAS £59.99


Shed hooks provide more storage options

WAS £22


Motorcycle garage helmet & leather storage hooks

Why choose an Asgard Metal Shed

  • Rust resistant

    Rust resistant

  • All sheds with floors

    Integral metal floor**

  • Interest-free credit

    Interest-free credit***

  • Welded construction

    Welded construction

  • Vented roof

    Vented roof

  • Made in the UK

    Made in the UK

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