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Sports and playground storage solutions

Sports storage - storing sports equipment in a playground.

Did you know that Asgard providing a range of secure outdoor storage units in a range of options and sizes?  These robust and versatile units can safely store a range of equipment and supplies, such as sports and play equipment as well used as a an outdoor storeroom for the schools, nurseries, colleges, universities and other educational institutions.

To help you decide which Asgard School Storage Packis right for your school, you can compare some of the best-selling School Packages we have summarised below. 
If you require significant storage space, then consider the School Storage Pack 1  a much cheaper alternative to a building extension!
School Storage sheds
Ideal for storing bulky sports and playground equipment!
Is the School Storage Pack too big for the space available at your school? See the full range of sports storage sheds available for schools and nurseries at the Shedforce Blog.