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Shelf kit for the Centurion range of sheds

Product code: SHELF5

WAS £55


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Shelf kit for Asgard Centurion shedsShelf kit for Asgard Centurion sheds

  • Shelf kit for Asgard Centurion sheds
  • Shelf kit for The Centurion & Centurion Plus sheds

    Pack of 1 shelf

    Add more storage to your Asgard Centurion shed by simply screwing these easy fit shelves into the sheds pre drilled holes (additional screws and instructions are provided).  These tough, heavy duty, weatherproof shelves are ideal for storing and keeping even heavy equipment off the floor. 

    This shelf pack is made from the same strong galvanized metal as the Centurion shed.

    All Centurion shelf packs are manufactured in a choice of colours to match the sheds - Green, Brown or Ivory.

    These shelves are sold individually.

    The Centurion and Centurion Plus storage units can hold a maximum of 3 shelves per shed.

    This easy fit shelf pack is suitable for the Centurion and Centurion Plus Storage units only.  

    These shelf packs fit to the back of the unit only.

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    Easy Fit - Single Shelf For Centurion Unit 

    Easy fit shelf for the centurion

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Shelf Kit (Pack of 2)

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