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Extra storage for your caravan in the winter

Caravan site storage shed

If you go to your caravan in the winter months, you probably end up taking a lot of extra stuff with you because of the colder weather. This can be a real hassle, especially if your caravan storage space is limited. Blankets, board games and other essential winter caravanning items can take up a lot of space. If you are in need for some extra storage space at your caravan, take a look at our caravan storage sheds

Asgard caravan storage

The Asgard range of caravan site storage sheds is available in a choice of sizes, colours and styles to suit your caravan and meet your additional storage needs. These all metal storage units are made from weatherproof steel, making them suitable for outdoor use. These storage units are also fitted with tough locking systems and pick resistant locks to keep your stored items safe from the risk of theft.Accessories such as shelving and hooks are also available for these storage units, allowing you to expand your storage options.

See the Asgard Caravan Storage range