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Parcel Delivery Boxes FAQ

What is the difference between the three different parcel boxes

The large drop box is the original Asgard parcel box. This heavy duty unit was originally designed for use by medical reps/doctors for leaving patient samples in. This unit has two tough push in, locking points, providing a very good level of security. This unit bolts to the ground with the supplied fixing kit. A very popular unit with businesses due to the heavy duty spring hinges and extra tough construction.

The medium parcel delivery box, has been designed for the domestic/home market. Again this is a tough weatherproof unit that bolts to the ground, this time secured by a single, central lock. With an easy to operate thumb turn lock. This is a lighter unit than the large version, just because in an domestic/home environment there is less chance of damage.  i.e. no forklifts in the area, or vans backing in and out.

The mini parcel delivery box, is as been designed for the domestic/home market. Again this is a tough weatherproof unit that bolts to the ground, however, this compact unit can also fix to the wall. As with the medium parcel box this unit is secured by a single , high quality, central lock. With an easy to operate thumb turn lock.

Q: Which is the best parcel delivery box for me?

A:This really depends on your anticipated use. We usually catagorise them as follows.

Mini parcel box: suitable for small package's general package size: 350mm x 450mm. Favoured by regular Amazon book type customers.

Medium parcel box: regular deliveries, general package size: 500mm x 400mm, popular with most general users.

Large parcel box: large deliveries,  general package size: 510mm x 430mm, most popular with business users.

Q: Why do the parcel boxes bolt to the floor and why do I have to bolt them down?

A: They bolt to the ground as a security measure. These boxes have good quality locking and are quite heavy, but there is nothing stopping a thief picking up the parcel box and carrying them away to a discreet location, to have more time to try and break in. So, fixing bolts inside each unit should stop that.

Q: Are the Asgard Parcel Boxes suitable for signed for deliveries?

A: No, unfortunately these parcel delivery boxes are not suitable for signed for deliveries. 

Q: Why not use a bar code proof of delivery?

A: Simply the cost. Such a system would require a subscription system, which would cost the customer (you) around £20 per month. The average customer, simply doesn't need to be paying £250 per year for the occasional delivery.

Q: Will the delivery company use the parcel delivery box?

A: Yes. You may need to speak to your delivery person directly, though we do supply location stickers with the mini and medium parcel boxes to stick on your front door. These stickers direct the delivery person to your parcel box. So far in all our trials, there have been no issues with either signed for delivery or the delivery companies leaving parcels in the box.

Q: How long will it take to get my parcel delivery box delivered? 

A: We do keep a limited stock of these (in green). Delivery is usually within 7-10 days often much sooner. 

Q: How do I fix the mini delivery box to the wall?

A: We have created a simple picture guide to wall mounting your mini parcel delivery box here.

The Asgard Parcel Box main product page.