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Key Features of the Double Ended Bike Locker

Innovative double ended bike locker

Our Double Ended Bike Locker is one of our most innovative bike storage units. This bike locker allows you to store two bikes completely independently of each other, perfect for sharing!

Double Ended Bike Locker Features

1. Fits 2 bikes

This bike locker is designed to store up to 2 bikes independently  of each other.

2. Includes storage hooks 

Heavy duty hooks are provided with this bike locker, perfect for hanging helmets.

3. Internal locking point

This bike locker is designed to be shared, an internal locking point has been included to keep your bike extra safe.

4. Can be secured to a concrete base

This bike locker can be bolted to a concrete base for added security. 

5. 3 point locking system

A 3 point locking system, with a reinforced handle surround, is fitted to both doors on the Double Ended Bike Locker. Each door is operated by a different key, to keep your bike secure. 

6. Pick resistant lock

This bike locker is fitted with a euro cylinder pick and drill resistant lock

7. Internal steel divider

A steel divider is fitted inside this bike locker, to securely separate your bike from the other. 

8. Galvanised steel

The Double Ended Bike Locker is made from strong galvanised (weatherproof) steel, for the toughest bike security. 

9. Easy assembly

Asgard bike lockers are easy to assemble and are provided with step by step instructions. An installation service is also available. 

10. Ideal for down the side of a house

This bike locker is designed to be a space saving way to store your bike and is ideal for sitting down the side of a house or flat.


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