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Garden News  |  by Lauren Holton

Pest Free Sheds

Rats and mice in the garden can often become a serious problem if you have a traditional wooden shed,  this is especially true in the winter months as this is when our furry friends are looking for food and places to hibernate. A cosy wooden shed is the perfect winter home for mice and other rodents, easy to chew through often facilitated by easy access (as is the nature of the wooden shed) wooden sheds often have rotting issues around the base - the perfect rodent winter retreat.   Asgard sheds are made from thick weatherproof metal, so are totally rodent proof, so these furry friends should not pose a problem.

If you have not yet taken the plunge and bought a super strong metal shed, Just to be on the safe side here are a few useful tips to help keep rodents out of your garden shed this autumn and winter.

Keeping rodents out of your shed.

Mice are known for chewing through things and climbing into places they shouldn't be. That’s because much of their foraging and nesting habits require lots of chewing and climbing, They chew on things helps to keep their teeth in shape. Mice can fit into a holes as small as a biro pen, so if your wooden shed is looking a bit worse for wear, make sure you plug up any holes and make remedial repairs as necessary .  Wooden sheds do require regular maintenance, so remember to repaint you shed every year to keep it in top waterproof (and rodent proof) condition. Where as a wooden shed is easy prey for rodents, Metal sheds are rodent proof as they are impossible to chew threw, so our rodent friends pose no real threat. But don’t forget to close the door when you have finished gardening.

Food Sources.

Rodents will set up basecamp in your garden shed in a flash if there’s a steady supply of food. Rats and mice feed on all sorts of things that are often found in your shed; from seeds, such as wildflower seeds, grass seeds, bird seed and animal feed. So, It is important to make sure these items are locked up tightly in your shed.  If using an old wooden shed for storage, keep the food off the ground with shelving units and perhaps put loose seed in buckets rather than the plastic bags they are supplied in.

Keep it tidy.

A clean and tidy shed goes a long way, decluttering as rats and mice will happily nest in your garden furniture and sun loungers.  Again where possible, look for shed shelving units and hooks to keep chewable items off the shed floor. Externally try and avoid keeping bins and compost heaps near your garden shed as this will attract pest towards your shed, giving them an opportunity to take a peek around your shed after tucking into your bin bags.

Ground attacks

The floor of your shed is important, you may think your shed is a fortress - and totally rodent proof. But a shed without a proper, integral floor is far from secure!  Traditional wooden sheds lack an integral floor, so consider purchasing a shed with an integral floor. An integral floor with not only prevent sneaky rodents from tunnelling under the shed to gain access, but will provide strength, stability and prevent condensation in your shed.

So if this winter you are looking to keep your tools and seeds nibble free perhaps it’s time to  consider a shed overhaul - rip down that rotten old shed, and consider investing in a rodent proof - secure steel metal shed.

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