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Asgard Complaints

Asgard Complaints procedure 

We have tried really hard to make Asgard as good as we can. If in the unlikely event you have had a problem or you have a concern then please tell us.

Email us with the details of your problem, criticism or concern about any aspect of Asgard to sales@asgardsss.co.uk or fill in our standard contact asgard form.  
Always try and include images if possible as this can often help us to identify the problem.
We will acknowledge your concern within 48 hours (Monday to Friday) and offer a resolution within 14 days.
Here we will publish any issues or complaints from Asgard customers. We will try and keep this section as up to date as we can.
Our Standard Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Recent customer complaints and solutions


I have lost my keys and can’t get into my shed.

Asgard Solution:

At cost to customer, new door and lock despatched, with installation team member to break into shed.


My delivery did not turn up on the day specified.

Asgard Solution:

£50 discretionary refund gesture given.


The wrong shed was delivered, I ordered a small access, a large access was delivered.

Asgard Solution:

Customer kept larger shed at no extra cost.


My shed arrived with the door missing.

Asgard Solution:

New door despatched within 24 hours.

Complaint:Poor delivery, no notice given.
Asgard Solution:Drivers reprimanded, despatch notified of error.

Complaint:Parcel box hinges broken.
Asgard Solution:Box returned, new box sent out.

Complaint:Damaged panels.
Asgard Solution:

New panels sent out within 48 hours.


The doors on our shed have a poor paint finish.

Asgard Solution:New door sent within 24 hours.


Missing roof panel

Asgard Solution:Panel sent following day.

Complaint:Damage to paint work
Asgard Solution:Touch up paint sent FOC


"My shed was delivered and the door is the wrong colour - it's a different shade of green"

Asgard Solution:There was an incorrect paint mix on some units.  All units/panels from that batch have been resprayed.  The customer received a set of new doors within 48 hours.

Complaint:"Poor quality paint finish on my Asgard shed"
Asgard Solution:Replacement panels sent and installed f.o.c. Error during the painting process.

Complaint:"No silicone provided"
Asgard Solution:Silicone sent via UPS.  MIssed from the order.

Complaint:"The handle has broken off my Asgard Bike Shed, why?"
Asgard Solution:Our handles are designed to shear off if there is an attempted break in.  Inside the handle is a special pin, that, if forced will snap.  This is a security feature and not a product fault.  If you discover the handle is broken, unfourtunitly this would indicate an attempted theft from your unit.

Complaint:"Your delivery time is too long and not clear on your website."
Asgard Solution:The delivery time does fluctuate occasionally due to demand, public holidays or the remoteness of the delivery area. Almost all of our products are delivered in 2 - 4 weeks (average is under 3 weeks). Every product is made to order and delivered by us, that is the ONLY way we can keep our standards high, that is why our delivery is a little longer than some.  Many other companies sheds are light weight units imported over seas.  They can simply post the sheds to you. These sheds will not have the security features of an Asgard, which is often 3 or more times heavier.

Complaint:"My locks on my Access Bike Shed will not work."
Asgard Solution:New locks sent, old locks returned to supplier - a faulty batch was identified - entire batch was recalled and replaced.

Complaint:"I don't know how to put a ground anchor down?  The Instructions are not clear."
Asgard Solution:We have created a new step by step "how to fit a ground anchor" page.


"It is hard work putting it together and a power screwdriver should be a must, as there are loads of self tapping screws and by hand screwdriver, it's very hard work.

I found the delivery process poor.  I am unsure why it takes five weeks when the driver told me the stocks were high. In addition the driver delivered the wrong storage box and as I had traveled a long distance to install it I was not pleased.

However, customer service were great, and a replacement box was specially arranged for the following day, so no complaints."

Asgard Solution:All items are made to order, this order was placed during our summer maintenance shut down, hence the extended delivery time.  Asgard to provide better communication to customers during summer shut down.

Complaint:"My Asgard shed is great. Had a small mix up withthe bolts but soon remedied. Assembly would be difficult without an electric screwdriver. Overall very happy."
Asgard Solution:New bolts sent to customer.

Complaint:"I was really disappointed to discover missing panels in my Asgard order. But to your credit the next day all the missing parts were there."
Asgard Solution:Fault fixed.

Complaint:"The lock broke within a week. You said you would fix it and you did."
Asgard Solution:Fault fixed.

Complaint:"The unit works well and holds a lot more than expected. There is one small problem I have. About a month or two ago one of the circular Sterling locks started to stick and it's getting worse. WD 40 makes no difference! As I've only had the unit a short time, can you send me a replacement  pair of locks? " - Gary
Asgard Solution:New locks sent immediately.


"The shed is excellent  assembled in a few hours with two people and basic tools.

My only suggestion for an improvement is to clarify the assembly instructions. Our unit (The Addition) can have left or right sided doors, the instructions only really deal with one configuration. As we discovered the solid front panel can be rotated from it's left to right position, but the doors remain the same way up (a translation) when switched from one side to the other."

Asgard Solution:

Complaint:"Overall we are delighted with our Asgard bicycle store.  It was very easy to construct, although it would have been quicker with clearer instructions (photos showing the various stages would be much better; some ofthe graphics are clunky and don't resemble the actual components very well),and the quality of the store is excellent.  We were unable to fit theplugs into the bottom holes (because we did not bolt the store to theslabs).  They just kept falling out, but this is probably not too important in our case". - Andrew
Asgard Solution:The rubber bungs can be tight as they are self-sealing to prevent water ingress. If possible the bungs should be put in from the reverse of the base. If you do put them in from above i.e. when the shed is built, try a little Vaseline.


"Thank you for the delivery of the shed today.  We have put the shed together and realised that it has come without a wooden flooring and shelf. When we ordered the shed it was on an offer to come with a wooden flooring and shelf.See attached email order confirmation.

We are a bit disappointed as the shed is incomplete without the flooring. Is this an oversight or was your website in  correct at the time we ordered from you?  I note this offer is no longer on your website".

Asgard Solution:Internal error with the website ordering system. Missing parts sent. Also a complimentary Shed Alarm system was sent to the customer by means of an apology. 

Complaint:"I've built the shelter and it's great. We can fit 4 mountain bikes in it which is impressive. (3 All-mountain mtbs with wide bars and 1 xc mtb.) The only grip and it's not really a gripe is the wait for it. However now I have it I can confirm that it's well worth the wait." - Iain
Asgard Solution:Standard 4 week lead time was in force for a busy period. No action was required.

Complaint:2 x damaged Parcel box locks
Asgard Solution:Refund offered, refused.  

Asgard complaints

Our Warranty information can be found here.