Recommended Measurements for a Shed Base

Recommended Measurement Information for a Shed Base

The base for all units require a firm level ground. We recommend that a concrete base that is a minimum thickness of at least 50mm (2") deep. Your shed base will depend on the size of your Asgard unit, see below for recommended base sizes depending on which storage unit you have.
Product Name Website Code Base Width Base Depth
Addition Bike Storage (3 bikes) Add2 1990mm (79") 1100mm (43")
Access Bike Storage (4 bikes) * Acc1 2200mm (86") 1150mm (45")
Annexe High Security Bike Storage (up to 3 Bikes*) Ann2 1990mm (79") 1100mm (43")
Bike Lockers BL1 1000mm (39") 2000mm (78")
Twin Bike Locker BL3 1000mm (39") 2000mm (78")
Large Metal Bike Shed: The Gladiator Glad3 2410mm (95") 2640mm (104")
Large Metal Bike Shed: The Centurion Cent3 1730mm (68") 2640mm (104")
Tall Caravan Site Storage: The Trojan Tro2 2350mm (93") 1100mm (43")
Caravan Site Storage Shed: The Addition Add1 1990mm (79") 1100mm (43")
Caravan Site Storage Box: The Vangard Van2 1600mm (63")  1000mm (40")
Caravan Site Storage: With Lift Lid Top Access * Acc3 2200mm (86") 1150mm (45")
Small Gas Bottle Storage (For 2 x 19kg Bottles) Gas1 880mm (35") 500mm (20")
Medium Gas Bottle Storage (For 2 x 47kg Gas Bottles) Gas2 990mm (39") 700mm (25")
Large Gas Bottle Storage (For 4 x 47kg Gas Bottles) Gas3 1780mm (78") 700mm (25")
Medium Metal Garden Shed: The Vanguard Van1 1600mm (63")  1000mm (40")
Medium Garden Storage Shed: The Addition Add3  1990mm (79") 1100mm (43")
High Security Metal Garden Shed: The Compact Comp1 1280mm (50") 960mm (38")
Medium Metal Garden Storage: The Access* Acc2  2200mm (86") 1150mm (45")
High Security Metal Shed: The Annexe Ann1 1990mm (79") 1100mm (43")
Tall Metal Garden Shed: The Trojan Tro1 2350mm (93") 1100mm (43")
Large Metal Shed: The Gladiator  Glad1  2410mm (95") 2640mm (104")
XL Metal Shed: The Gladiator Plus Glad2  2410mm (95") 3790mm (149")
XXL Metal Shed: The Gladiator Plus 2 Glad4 2410mm (95") 4940mm (194")
Large Metal Garden Shed: The Centurion Cent1 1730mm (68") 2640mm (104")
XL Metal Shed: The Centurion Plus Cent2 1730mm (68") 3790mm (149")
XXL Metal Shed: Centurion Plus 2 Cent5 1730mm (68") 4940mm (194")
The Flexistore 1511: 5x4* Metal Garden Shed Fs1 1730mm (68") 1557mm (61")
The Flexistore 1522: 5x7* Metal Garden Shed Fs2 1730mm (68") 2640mm (104")
The Flexistore 1533: 5x11* Metal Garden Shed Fs3 1730mm (68") 3770mm (148")
Large Mobility Scooter Storage Unit Mobility2 1730mm (68") 2640mm (104")
Scooter and Moped Storage Garage Ss1 1730mm (68") 3215mm (126")
Motorcycle Garage MB1 1730mm (68") 3790mm (149")
Motorcycle Garage Plus Mb2 1730mm (68") 3215mm (126")
Home/Parcel Delivery Box Home 710mm (28") 620mm (25")
ATV and Quad Bike Storage Shed Cent6 1730mm (68") 3790mm (149")
Fishing Rod/Tackle Storage Unit Tro3 2350mm (93") 1100mm (43")
Ski and Snowboard Storage Unit Comp3 1280mm (50") 960mm (38")
Tack / Equestrian Storage Unit Comp2 1280mm (50") 960mm (38")
High Security Metal Workshop Store: The Classic Class2 2020mm (80") 960mm (38")

*The Access requires approx 100mm clearance at the back (from the wall) as the top swings out a little when the lid is lifted.