Secure, Police Approved Fishing Tackle Storage

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Any keen fisherman knows they can accumulate a lot of equipment over time, when it comes to their favourite pastime. Fishing tackle can be expensive and if you don’t have somewhere safe to store it all, your fishing gear could become a target for thieves.

Asgard have the ideal solution, when it comes to storing your fishing tackle safely and securely. The Police and Insurance approved fishing tackle shed not only provides the perfect space for storing your equipment, but it also has a number of high security features that makes this particular storage unit stand out from the rest.

These high security features include.

  • - Level 1 LPCB certification (which may help to reduce insurance premiums).
  • - Made from hard wearing galvanised steel.
  • - At 111kg in weight (that's 17.5 stone) - this unit is suitable for home or club use.
  • - Fitted with bracing bars which helps to prevent forced entry
  • - Extra Reinforced panels, which are tough and hard wearing.
  • - Welded hinges.
  • - Heavy duty doors to helping prevent forced entry.
  • - Extra secure shrouded locking system.
  • - Pick and drill resistant locks.
  • - Dead bolt system - the ultimate in fishing rod security.
  • - A ventilation system around the unit minimises the build-up of condensation.
  • - Large double door opening for safe and easy loading.
  • - Fitted with our five point shed locking system.
  • - Integral rain-guard which keeps the wind and rain out and your property safe and dry.
  • - All exposed screw ends are hidden with no sharp edges inside the unit.
  • - Extra height, which makes storing rods and rod bags easy.
  • - Integral metal base included complete with free fixings for securing to your concrete base.
  • - A range of storage accessories available, which means you can store equipment efficiently.
  • - Large enough for club use so you can store multiple sets of tackle in one unit.


For more details on our fishing tackle sheds please take a look at our brochure.

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