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Asgard Secure Steel Storage.  Made in Britain. Metal storage for bikes, motorbikes, and garden sheds.Read More

Garden News  |  by Hazera Bibi
There's a few things to consider to ensure your garden shed is weatherproof. Our best steel garden sheds ensure garden tools and accessories are safe and secure.Read More

Garden News  |  by Daniel Poveda-Sharman
Your garden shed plays a huge part in maintaining your garden. Whether it’s laying out a stepping stone walkway or creating a patio to your shed, we have some fantastic ways on how to make sure your shed looks like it fits in to your garden.Read More

Motorcycle News Bike News Garden News Social  |  by Daniel Poveda-Sharman

Why are sheds so important for our well-being? These are often overlooked extensions of our homes provide us with many benefits that we take for granted…

Read More

Garden News  |  by Lauren Holton
Your Shed is an important part of your garden, why not make it unique to you. The Shed can be one of the largest items in your garden, makes sense to decorate to suit your style.Read More

Garden News  |  by Lauren Holton
We have enlisted the help of avid gardener Julien De Bosdari and the owner of Ashridge Trees, Online Garden Centre. To bring you some helpful tips on planting your spring bulbs this Autumn.Read More

Garden News  |  by Lauren Holton
A shed is an important part of your garden with Halloween coming up, why not make the most of the Holiday and decorate your beloved shed to scare away any unwanted zombies or trick or treaters.Read More

Garden News  |  by Lauren Holton
There are lots of things to do in the garden as it will be undergoing its yearly Autumnal transformation. We have created a helpful infographic with some useful tips and facts to your garden autumn-ready.Read More

Garden News  |  by Lauren Holton
Rats and mice in the garden can be a serious problem if you have a wooden shed.  This is especially true during the winter months, because this is when our furry friends (or foes) begin to look for food, as well as places to hibernate.Read More

Garden News  |  by Lauren Holton
In recent years, thefts from residential gardens have been increasing across the United Kingdom. If you want ensure your garden accessories and equipment are safe, especially when you’re unable to keep a close eye on things, it would be wise to up your game when it comes to garden security. Read More

56 Item(s)

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Why choose an Asgard Metal Shed

  • Rust resistant

    Rust resistant

  • All sheds with floors

    Integral metal floor**

  • Interest-free credit

    Interest-free credit***

  • Welded construction

    Welded construction

  • Vented roof

    Vented roof

  • Made in the UK

    Made in the UK

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