Customer Photos - Asgard Bike Storage

Thanks to our great customers sending in pictures of their Asgard sheds in situ, we're able to show you how they can looking in different settings. Browse photos below.

Asgard Metal Bike Store


a very productive afternoon in cold & sunny Sheffield, put together my 2nd storage unit to match my old one. Top quality products & good value for money

Seth Access 29ers Metal Shed

Seth Thomas

As I can't get from my back garden to the front without going through the house and we were getting fed up with dirty tyre tracks in the house I needed a solution. This secure bike shed is fantastic, it took me a couple of hours to put together (with a little help with the roof) and was very easy to do. It not only looks fantastic, it is secure and big enough for our 3 bikes and all the kit including car rack etc. Asgard is such good quality that we have now just purchased a garden shed too! I would highly recommend but be aware that there is a long (8 weeks) lead time which in itself says how great they are.

Motorbikes in Asgard Shed

John Heron

The safe that lives in the garden...holds 2 bikes (125s) easily...even had a third in there.

Easy Access Bike Shed

Ian & Mel

I love my Asgard shed! 3 years old and other than a few cobwebs as good as the day it was built. The paint has not faded and not a hint of moisture or rust. Great access with the flip up lid and big doors, easy to wheel in a bike and a mower and a power washed. It blends in really well with the garden and offers more security than the plastic tat that was there before that blew over. 100% recommend the Access for everyday use.

Access Bike Shed with Lift Up Lid

Paul Wilson

Really happy with our Asgard Storage Access bike shed. Can finally store the bikes out of the house somewhere I know they will be safe. Fairly easy to build and the bikes seem happy in there new home

Asgard Secure Steel Bike Shed

Adrian Roberts

I ordered this shed and selected the option to build it myself. The instructions were spot on but took me a while with the help of my 10yr old son! Wish I’d paid extra for the helpful guys who dropped it off to build it for us! Definitely needs two people to build if you’re considering building yourself. Once built, the shed is very solid and well designed. I like the way the lid lifts so effortlessly, similar mechanism to a hatchback boot on a car. The design is first class, I have no concerns that anyone could break into it and it is weatherproof, probably bomb proof! At present we’re only storing two bikes in it but could easily fit two more if/when required. Extremely pleased with this purchase and the service I received. Thanks Asgard

Trojan Storage Shed

Cheryl Lovell

my fabulous new shed! Perfect for our bikes and still have plenty of room left. I love how the colour seems to blend it well with my yard

Vangard Secure Steel Shed

Kev Lally

All done thanks. Can you pass my thanks to Neil please for getting it to me asap

Customer Installation of an Asgard Access

Richard Head

My bike shed for 4 was delivered by Mick right on time with a friendly smile and all parts present and in good order. The shed was easy and satisfying to put together following the clear instructions provided and with the use of two pairs of hands, a power screw driver, hand held screw driver and spanner. The materials are a very high quality and the shed is a solid and practical design. It feels like it will last longer than I will! There is comfortably room enough for my two adult road bikes, lots of equipment and tools including a set of bike rollers, bike stand and toolbox amongst numerous other items. I will now be able to sleep soundly knowing my property is safe and secure. For added peace of mind, the shed also complies with my bike insurance :)

Centurion Bike Shed

Chay Keogh

I ordered this after quite a bit of research. The product is as good as the website suggests. Solid construction and does the trick of holding my five bikes, plus helmets, shoes and servicing equipment. Paid for install and well worth it. The two fellas were extremely courteous and had it built in less than 2 hours. I know that would have taken me at least a day and half. Two small watch outs - arranging delivery was easy but I hadn't considered I would need to fit in with other scheduled deliveries. It wasn't a problem, just not what I was expecting. The chipboard sub floor is also a little oversized on the cut and doesn't sit completely flush as it doesn't allow for the base pins/screws sticking out (hence losing a star).

29er Gas Assisted Lift Up Lid Shed

Douglas Burns

Now that I have this I can't imagine why I didn't get one years ago. I feel confident in keeping 2 pretty expensive bikes (which up to now have lived indoors) and 2 others - all full size adult frames - in a practical, sturdy and secure solution. OK so I may have had to twist the straight bars on the least used bike which lives at the back, but if it had drops like the others don't think this would be necessary.
Glad I went for the 29er version as the extra length has meant that I have been able to fit in a set of shelves to take various bike related bits as well as spare wheels/track pump/work stand.
Assembly is relatively straight forward and I managed it on my own, but wouldn't recommend doing so as fitting the top was pretty tricky given its weight and size. With a cordless driver (essential!) managed it in an afternoon.
Definitely worth the relatively long delivery lead time. Pleasant and helpful delivery driver.
Pleasantly surprised to find that a set of padlocks came included which I wasn't expecting.

Access Bike Shed Review

Steve Mottram

What can I say, it’s heavy, built like a bus and bigger than I expected but I love the build quality so much I’ve just ordered a 7x7 Gladiator one too.

Best Bike Storage Shed

Dan Miller

God of strength, heroes, sports, athletes, health, agriculture, fertility, trade, oracles and divine protector of mankind. And a shed.
And here's mine!

Bicycle Storage for Static Caravans

Had Roy

I went back to my caravan for the first time since it was closed for winter yesterday, driving through the site was worrying as we passed 4 sheds that had been destroyed during the winter, nothing but a few contents left where the shed should have been. I am delighted to say that our asgard is in exactly the same position as it was left, looking as good as the morning we built it, everything inside dry and in tact, a fantastic purchase that I'd recommend to anyone

Addition Bike Shed x3

David Elliot

Great Bike Storage Product
Delivery driver messaged day before his estimated time of arrival, able to message back with more exact details of our location. Arrived spot on time. Managed to put most of it up single handed but help needed with doors which were the trickiest bit. One minor problem with door handle dealt with very quickly and politely on the phone - my thanks to whoever answered and solved it so well. Ivory colour goes well with stones and fence behind.

Best Bike Shed for Storage

Jim Jackson

Excellent storage solution for 4 bikes with bags of room for accessories. Things that would improve it:
1) some means of securing the doors when open, they swing freely in the wind and could damage my car if it's parked too close.
2) Whilst I've managed to use the hook pack to hang my roof carriers, a purpose designed solution would be better.
It went together easily (mind the setting on your drill driver or the screws will strip out the threads they cut), and I managed it by myself up until putting the lid on which required an extra set of hands.
Overall, very pleased!

Vangard in Holiday Home

Suzanne Tobin

Love ours and so pleased with quality and price

11 Year Old Asgard Shed is Still Good as New

Steven Haasz

Bought the Access bike store in 2009 and it is still in perfect condition with no signs of wear despite British climate. Company has given brilliant service. Recently moved the store and when reassembling I noticed that one bracket was bent - which explained why had always been a little difficult to lock. Called Asgard and 11 years after purchase they replaced it free of charge. Super company and recommend them very highly!!

Small and Compact Bike Storage for the Side of the House

Peter Gracey

Excellent bike safe. Exceptional service from start to finish. Great communication regarding delivery and advice on installation. Installation was easy, definitely not rocket science. Great to give our bikes and all the associated gear their own secure place. Perfect fit down the side of our house.

Secure Steel Bike Shed

Jan Molyneux

Best thing we ever bought.

Metal Bike Store

John Grz

Can store 3 bikes with ease and with space to hang stuff inside like helmets, tools etc. Quality product.
One frustration was with assembly. The side panels did not fit to the base properly. I had to "bend up" all the flanges on the base a couple of mm using a screwdriver and a piece of wood. After this the panels slotted into place snugly and assembly was straightforward and quick. Also no problem for one person to assemble. So 4/5 stars due this hassle.

Access Secure Bike Shed with Lift-Up Lid

Richard Head

My bike shed for 4 was delivered by Mick right on time with a friendly smile and all parts present and in good order. The shed was easy and satisfying to put together following the clear instructions provided and with the use of two pairs of hands, a power screw driver, hand held screw driver and spanner. The materials are a very high quality and the shed is a solid and practical design. It feels like it will last longer than I will! There is comfortably room enough for my two adult road bikes, lots of equipment and tools including a set of bike rollers, bike stand and toolbox amongst numerous other items. I will now be able to sleep soundly knowing my property is safe and secure. For added peace of mind, the shed also complies with my bike insurance :)

Access Bike Shed with Lift Up Lid

Paul Wilson

Really happy with our Asgard Storage Access bike shed. Can finally store the bikes out of the house somewhere I know they will be safe. Fairly easy to build and the bikes seem happy in there new home

Asgard Access Bike Customer Review

Helen Dury

Received delivery our smart new bike store this week and it’s already assembled and full of bikes!

Annexe Bike Store

Matthew Johnson

Box delivered today, built and fixed down in 90 mins. Easy to build, Great quality product, Very sturdy. Recommend if your looking at storing your bikes outside.

Bike Shed With Hidden Ventilation

Tom Lister

Easy to assemble and seems very secure. Fits in well in our garden. Great service from Asgard - cannot fault it.

Asgard Shed

Matthew Clarke

They are very good indeed. Here's one of my 3 Asgards.

Small Bike Shed for 3 Bikes


Really pleased with my purchase. I'm really pleased with my 3 bike shed. I managed to build it by myself partly due to the lockdown restrictions. It was pretty straight forward though to be honest but would be easier with two people. The build quality is excellent and the lock feels really sturdy. I feel much happier knowing my bikes are stored in it safely overnight rather than in my shed. Delivery was really good and I was kept in touch when it was arriving which meant I didn't have to hang around all day. I have recommended one to the family already.

Access Metal Bike Shed

John Gilleese

Access bike shed loaded and locked. Nearly melted putting this up in the sunshine but hopefully it can stop my bikes from walking off!
This one is £525 (incl. delivery) and can take 4 bikes. I thought that sounded expensive but after reading reviews from a few sites, it seemed a good buy. And after building it, it definitely seems worth the money.

Customer Bike Shed Review

Christopher Chung

I was surprised how much time I had spent looking for a bike shed. I’m so glad I found Asgard as there is no comparable product, the build quality is awesome. I was fortunate that the delivery driver was able to assemble the shed and they did it a lot faster than I would have, but having said that it did look fairly simple.
We went for the green colour and it nicely blends with the hedge it is next to. I keep two adult bikes and three children bikes, this is a squeeze. This should comfortably fit 3 adult bikes and 4 adult bikes with some jiggery pockery. I also received a set of padlocks with my delivery and this is a very nice surprise.

Secure Bike Shelter for Mobility Scooter


This Bike Storage x 2 shed by asgard is perfect for what i wanted, I keep my mobility scooter in it plus there is plenty of room to put some folding garden chairs in the back to store for the winter i have put a pece of ply on the flore to keep things dry its great i love it

Bike Locker for Mobility Scooter

Paul Leicester

Having found Asgard on the internet we went to the Bradford base to view the products. Staff were able and more than willing to answer all questions. We had viewed several metal sheds elsewhere but nothing came anywhere close in strength, quality or price. Easily ordered and used a voucher code to get a further 5% off. The shed was delivered before the expected date by helpful and knowledgable staff. Assembly was much easier than anticipated and took me and my brother less than two hours. The result is a very strong and easily accessible outside store for Dads mobility scooter. Beware of so called scooter stores elsewhere, they are flimsy, overpriced and insecure.

Ivory Twin Bike Shed

Susan Nosko

Lockdown project.We scanned the internet for weeks and decided to go with the Asgard 2 bike shed. After having the local council approve your drawings and specifications for our conversion ( shop to a residential flat). We took it upon ourselves to build up, level and secure a solid base to the side of the stone wall. The instructions were very clear and we managed to fit the shed up in four hours allowing for our uneven base. We are very happy with the finished job. We can’t recommend Asgard enough. Thank you.

Metal Bike Shed

Alan Baxter

Absolutely delighted with this product, very sturdy and secure, can sleep eat knowing my bikes are Secure. Nice job Asgard!!

Steel Asgard Garden Bike Shed

Chris Jean

And the gratuitous before shot!! Did this with the missus. Wasnt quick, and aside from the wind trying to tear it down as we put the first panels up, it went up quite quickly.

Secure Outdoor Bike Storage for House

Linda Bratcher

Hi guys! Got my bike shed and it’s looking fabulous in its new home. Thank you! Special shout-out to the delivery guy! All the best Linda

Asgard Twin Bike Locker for 2 Bikes

Chris Moores

The pandemic delayed its arrival by over 6 weeks, but today it arrived and only took me an hour to build it this evening. Just the floor to lay at the weekend and another project complete #prideandjoy #ultimateprotection

Bike Storage Shed Review

Anthony Frith

Bought on the back of other customer reviews and product review from Bike Radar. It is a very well engineered product that was reasonably easy to assemble, only needing help from another to fit the roof. Using it to store 4 adult bikes, including one 29er, though it does take a bit of careful positioning. The locks are well protected and it feels very secure. I think the price is pretty good considering the quality and I managed to find a discount somewhere on the web site which was great. Very pleased overall and more than happy to recommend to others.

Asgard Annexe Bike Shed


This is such a great product, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for some more secure storage for their bikes. It is really solid and feels very secure. I got the ivory colour which I'm pleased to say looks good too. I was a bit worried it wouldn't look as nice as my old wooden shed, but I think it looks great.
I was also able to build this myself with reasonable ease. The only bit that I needed help with was lifting the roof on.

Asgard Shed Outside House


Just a quick not to say a big thanks to Asgard for my wonderful Bike Shed – its sound pathetic but it really has changed my life and actually encouraged me to do more riding! Gone are the days of a wet ride then dragging the bike through the hallway, marking the walls wrecking the carpet and getting abuse from the Wife. Which in turn made riding a chore… not now! My bikes live at the front of the house safe and snug in their Asgard! There’s enough room for my helmet etc. and I’ve even put one of the hooks on the outside so I can hang my wet jacket outside the unit to dry – perhaps I should patent that idea?

Electric Bike Shed

Pete Everson

Took delivery of my Access E Plus on Monday 18/03/2019 great delivery service. The Bike storage was up and running by the afternoon. Everything went to plan on the build and I am so happy with the result.
The only minor negative was that the hooks I ordered were not with the delivery but due to Asgard’s delivery driver and fantastic after sales service I received them the following day. I am so delighted with my purchase and I can thoroughly recommend Asgard to any future customers.

Asgard Addition Metal Bike Shed

Rebecca Ursell

Got this 4 years ago, couldn’t be happier.
Like I said, got this around 4 years ago and am very happy with it. It still looks smart. It is bigger than you might think - as well as two bikes, i now store my lawnmower in there. I damaged a key a few months ago and getting a replacement was straightforward (make sure you keep the details!)

Asgard Gladiator Shed in Garden


After our old insecure wooden shed rotted away and had to be replaced, we opted for the Asgard Cycle Storage x8 metal shed (also called the 'Gladiator Cycle Unit' on our delivery note and 'Gladiator Motorcycle' on our assembly instructions). Here are our thoughts:
DELIVERY: 9-week lead time, but we were told about this at the outset and considered the wait worth it in terms of getting the right shed. Towards the end of the 9-week period it looked as if I was going to have to swap my days at work to receive the delivery, but after a couple of phone calls it ended up being a day that was more convenient.
ASSEMBLY: we opted for self-assembly in order to save the substantial assembly cost. It took us a lot longer than the 2 hours that apparently the fitters take (if that's how long it takes them I take my hat off!) - more like a whole day with 2 people. You definitely need 2 people some of the time, to hold up the corner pieces until they stand up on their own, and to put the roof sections on. It was fine doing it ourselves: a long day, but satisfying, and the instructions were very good on the whole (with just a query needed to confirm that the roof joint strips are fitted just with silicone). You definitely need a power tool for all the screws except the door hinges. The shed sat really well on our concrete base, with all the holes lining up pretty neatly.
QUALITY OF ASSEMBLED SHED: seems excellent quality in terms of anti-rust galvanised finish, anti-theft robustness, ventilation, rain- and snow-shedding apex roof etc. Also very good internal space and nice touches like metal channels to cover up the sharp screw ends, a ramp by the front doors, plastic wedges of different thicknesses supplied in case the base isn't quite level... We also think it's pretty attractive in our garden, blending in well - at least with the green colour we chose (see photo).
OVERALL VERDICT: not cheap, but it feels like a very good investment which will be maintenance-free and will provide peace of mind for our bikes and gardening stuff.

Thin and Compact Secure Bike Shed


Fantastic small bike shed. Bought this to store 2 bikes with the emphasis on high security, wasn’t going to risk leaving them in a wooden shed.
Having been in the fire service for 30 years I’ve had to force entry to lots of premises including secure metal doors. This shed would take a lot of force with the resulting noise created being a deterrent itself. Very happy with the security and quality of this product. I got the accessories pack which was well worth it and there’s room for gardening equipment, tools plus bikes. Highly recommend this over wooden or cheap thin metal sheds, you can relax knowing that you’re stuff is adequately protected.

Ultra strong bike shed


One of my best ever purchases
The Annexe looks good, suitably sturdy with a reassuringly enormous lock. Big enough to store my 2 adult hybrid bikes and 29er (with the front wheel popped off) plus 4 spare pairs of 50mm tyres. Getting the bikes in and out is a doddle, so much easier than keeping them inside the house. I opted for the shed plus accessories bundle, very glad I did. The accessories make the Annexe much more useful. I also opted to erect the shed myself, which was a very rewarding and satisfying experience.

Access Bike Shed with Lift Up Lid

Kelly-ann Luckhurst

Brilliant Bike Shed
I was a little worried upon buying the shed as it is quite a lot of money compared to wooden counterparts, but on assembling the shed i knew I had made the right choice. The quality was immediately obvious and it’s really good to support a British company. I live in a high bike crime area and am not worried about the bikes in this shed at all!
It was very easy to put together, looks great and holds our two mountain bikes and two town bikes with room for all our bike gear too.
Would absolutely recommend. Although if you had four large MTB I would say this might be a little tight and to get the bigger model.

Police Approved Bike Shed


You may pay a little bit more for this compared to other sheds but I can honestly say the quality is second to none! From ordering through to the assembly I wasn’t disappointed, the ladies in the office were helpful the delivery drivers were spot on time, assembly took me about 3 hrs on my own, there are lots of screws, I love my bike home and feel confident to leave my pride and joy in there, it is certainly secure!

Top Quality Bike Store


Great product, good value for money, excellent communication, very helpful delivery driver.
I am very impressed with the quality of our new bike shed, it came with clear assembly instructions, really easy to erect, my wife and I had it up and completed in 2hrs, including time for a coffee half way. Very roomy, we have our 2 adult bikes plus 2 folding chairs and 2 sun loungers in it comfortably. We would have no hesitation in recommending Asgard stores to anyone. First class thank you very much.

Annexe Metal Bike Shed

Sue Hale

She's a beauty, We also spy the Access Photobombing in the background!
Yep! We now have his and hers cycle sheds.

Secure Outdoor E-Bike Storage

Helen Reid

I am absolutely delighted with this Access E Plus storage unit. The quality is great and is perfect for me as someone who doesn’t have a garage & was fed up with parts of my house looking like Halfords! The extra space meant I can now store my bike rack & maintenance equipment in there too. I opted for the Asgard assembly service and the guys from the company were fantastic, friendly & very professional. One of the padlocks was a bit stiff & they rang through to order me a new set which arrived the next day. Wonderful service all round from everyone at Asgard .. I was kept informed all the way through the ordering & delivery process & I highly recommend this company. Thank you.

Twin Bike Locker

Keith Gymer

Excellent product - could usefully add fittings for storing accessories
Very solidly built quality product - and good value at the discounted sale price. Easy to assemble - do need two people to fit the roof section - putting sealant around door end frame is tricky as there are gaps you need to fill which are awkward to reach. Plenty of space for the specified 2 bikes - we get 3 in our plus a uni-cycle on the door. Two regularly used face out and third less used is in the middle facing in. Have added fittings to the door to hang locks and the uni-cycle. Did also add a tray for bits like tool kits on the inside bottom of the door, but water got in (evidently through holes in the door in storm), so moved this to left side wall. Would be good if Asgard had a neater custom option like this.

Police Approved Bike Storage

Adam Griffiths

After reading the rest of the good reviews I decided to bite the bullet and buy one of the police approved bike sheds in brown.
Although pricey I can safely say I’m confident my bike is now safe being stored next to my house. The colour is actually really nice for brown, and the shed was easy enough to assemble with two people.
Just be prepared that delivery time can take around 4 weeks which didn’t bother me and that my mountain bike with 29 inch wheels only just fits into this shed.
All in all very happy with it. Thanks!

Bike Storage Shed


Easy to build even for a novice DIYer like me! Well constructed out of quality materials. Would definitely recommend.

Addition Bike Shed x 3

Robin Harris

The specification fitted my needs perfectly - highly secure storage for 3 bikes. Security was a critical factor in my decision. Ordering and delivery were first class - the predicted lead time was 6 weeks but delivery was more like 5 weeks. This was not a concern as preparing a sound base took longer than that to organise! I prepared a 100mm deep concrete base. Before my purchase I needed to know if the doors opened to almost 180 degrees and your customer service team answered this query very well.

Secure Asgard Metal Shed

Keith Weston

Arrived promptly at 9am, helped by the driver, who gave some useful tips and hints, placed out the large several pieces on the hard standing ready for assembly. The instructions were clear and armed with my tool set began, once the sides were up, the pace...secured to the ground, thankfully the shim plates to helped to adjust the doors. Then the lid, though 2 people stated, I managed to assemble the final pieces, the lid.
Now completed a sturdy piece of engineering and robust. Both locks fitted, ebikes secure. Cup of tea and rich tea, with the sunny weather, great day for building....thanks for the service and early delivery helped. Highly recommend the company for service, updates and delivery.

Annexe Bike Shed Secure

Chris Hughes

The Grand kids love the Shed!

Bicycle Storage Unit for Home Gardens

Chris Jolly

So Happy with my big green box! Every part of buying, arranging delivery, building and using my 4 bicycle storage unit has been really easy. It really is very well made and the instructions were spot on.

Steel Bike Storage Shed

Lynda Beveridge

We recently purchased an Asgard Secure Steel Storage container from your company. We operate a community sports club and needed a new container to replace our - well let's just say "weathered" predecessor.
I wanted to send you a photo of it against our (I must say myself) incredible scenery here in Wester Ross, the Highlands of Scotland. It rains a lot here so your storage container really will be put to the test!

Streamlined Bike Shed for Garden

G Hignett

Top quality shed. Got my shed a few weeks ago now and apart from a few issues with slight manufacturing errors that were resolved quickly, it’s been perfect, could easy fit 3 Road/hybrid bikes in with helmets, tools and cleaning gear.

Planters on Top of Bike Store

Alex Woodcraft

Finished the #greenroof bike shed in North London. Used all the materials from the weekend exhibition except the stand which I will use another year. Looks pretty good I think, all on top of an @asgardstorage bike shed

Centurion Cycle Store

Neil Armitage

We recently moved house and in the process forfeited a garage in order to gain more internal space, but this left us needing storage for 6 bikes.
I came across the Asgard sheds and decided this would provide the solution we needed.
We went for the ‘cycle storage x8’ shed in brown, which is sized at approx 2.2m x 2.7m.

Addition Bike Storage Shed

James Robinson

Spent an hour or two assembling our additions storage shed yesterday.

Access Steel Bike Store

Gary Austin

There was slight confusion on the delivery via email but it arrived a week before the 9 week wait. All was fine except the front left panel, which Asgard supplied a new one and that was damaged in transit. The second one arrived in perfect condition. I was being particular because these aren't cheap and I wanted it to perfect lack of communication from customer services on delivery times. But I guess that's not their strength, building quality sheds is.
Asgards instructions were very particular so I had to question a few elements which again customer services provided replacements. You definitely need two people to construct parts but most of it can be done on your own. Overall I'm very happy with the end product and the cream matches the low wall which I'm happy with.

Inside an Asgard Access Bike Shed

Richard Head

My bike shed for 4 was delivered by Mick right on time with a friendly smile and all parts present and in good order. The shed was easy and satisfying to put together following the clear instructions provided and with the use of two pairs of hands, a power screw driver, hand held screw driver and spanner. The materials are a very high quality and the shed is a solid and practical design. It feels like it will last longer than I will! There is comfortably room enough for my two adult road bikes, lots of equipment and tools including a set of bike rollers, bike stand and toolbox amongst numerous other items. I will now be able to sleep soundly knowing my property is safe and secure. For added peace of mind, the shed also complies with my bike insurance :)

UK Made Secure Scooter Storage

Adrian Wilkins

Bought this for my Lambretta as the size was perfect, and couldn’t have been more pleased, bit pricey but the quality shines through and feel at ease that my pride and joy is safely locked away. And as for personal service, fantastic. Made in the UK? All the way, well done. Even my neighbour will be placing an order

Secure Access Plus Bike Shed for 29ers

Steven Kersey

Excellent quality. Excellent customer service. Really happy with my Asgard Metal Bike Shed for 29ers. Loads of room. Bought it to securely store 2 bikes, one my old 2012 Voodoo Hoodoo and my new 2019 Scott Aspect Eride 10, plus other items. The quality is excellent, much sturdier than other manufacturers metal sheds on sale. I added a bike rack to keep the bikes upright, and a foam floor to protect the paint, perhaps this is something that you could add to your accessories. Also I think the customer service was excellent, kept me informed via email of the delivery and when I mentioned a small problem with the paint on one of the door hinges this was resolved no problem at all. Very happy with the whole experience and would recommend Asgard if you want very secure storage in your garden. Thanks again Asgard. Steve.

Gladiator Cycle Store Metal Shed Conducts Heat To Power Solar Matts

Mal McNeil

Another great use for the strong metal sheds. Makes them ideal for helping the heat solar mats and air heater makes the most of the conductivity of the metal providing a hot surface for the pool heaters. I have 4 Asgard sheds and they’re great

Gladiator Cycle Storage

Stephen Horsham

Will be finished tonight ran out of daylight but will get some pics to you over the weekend. Easy to build even on my own.
Nearly done, lined with mdf, cctv added and alarm connected to house. Both bikes fit a treat and enough room to walk down the middle. perfect size Asgard folk

Twin Bike Locker Secure

Stuart Grant

After a few niggles with paint finish were dealt with by customer services, the final constructed shed sits firmly anchored down on patio slabs. Given this model has no steel floor, anchoring it was essential. I have installed a 12mm thick plywood sheet cut to exact size, so my bikes don't sit on the cold slabs! On really stormy wet days a little water does get in around the door, but it is not enough to affect my bikes. The shed is solid and the lock mechanism reassuringly firm, so overall I am very happy with the outcome. Although there are a couple of alternatives on the market, Asgard have the edge in my opinion. I feel confident that my bikes are safe and sound and recommend this product. Don't put your pride and joy in a standard garden shed or a garage with a simple locking mechanism, invest in one of the Asgard ranges of bike lockers.

Access Plus 29ers Bike Shed


Firstly, don’t try to put one up without an electric screwdriver, but a few holes have to be done by hand as they’re tucked right into the corners. Secondly, Wow! So easy to build, instructions were clear and with a good wooden floor screwed down through the metal floor into the cement base below it’s absolutely immovable.
I attached a large pin lock through the floor and have 2 chains through the pin to attach my bikes to the ground.
Now all I need is to fill it up, as it gives off quite a lot of noise when I open it at 5:30am to go to work. Anyone know the best way to insulate it to quiet it down a little?

Steel Bike Storage in the Winter

Joanne Tate

Bikes can stay in there for now

Secured by Design Approved Shed

Ian Tear

Thought I would send you a picture of my Bike Storage x 3 - Police Approved shed, before it completely disappears!

Annexe Secure Bike Shed

Ben Thompson

Asgard called to arrange delivery. Took a couple of hours to assemble by myself. Great product. Secure shed. Great product.

Addition Bike Store

Richard Yale

Just a quick email to say how impressed I am with my new Asgard Additions Bike Storage. I am glad I went for the Ivory colour – it looks fresh and modern and brings light into my garden.
It was easy to construct and is well designed and engineered, even down to the finer details such as the self-cutting bolts to secure it into the hardstanding.
It is great to see innovative, quality products being designed, manufactured and also delivered by a British company.

Secure Bike Shed

Darren C

I am really impressed by the build quality of this product. This is the perfect place to store 3 of my precious road bikes.
I think the brown colour looks really good. Sure these Asgard bike storage boxes aren't cheap, but it's worth paying a bit extra for superb build quality such as this. I would totally recommend investing in one of these bad boys!

Asgard Access Bike Storage

Chris Nicholson

Great quality, even better customer service. The whole process from start to finish has been excellent.
The customer service / communication would make me come back to this British company. The build quality was excellent and this made the self build so straight forward to put together in about 1.5 hours. Once together, it had a good look and fitted in our small garden.

Ivory Additions Bike Shed


Very happy the new @AsgardStorage bike shed is here. No more dragging bikes up to the second floor!

8 Bike Storage Shed

Jon Hirst

Only room for two bikes if you get there before the missus and her garden furniture lol…
Best £325 I've ever spent...2nd hand but as good as new.

Metal Lockers for Bike Storage

Juliet Hunter

Living in a terraced house we got fed up of storing our bikes in the house extension and then traipsing them through the house each time we wanted to use them. We originally thought we wouldn’t have room in our small front garden but when we measured up we found the shed would fit - so we took the plunge and bought directly off the website. We’ve had it 3 weeks now and wish we’d bought it sooner. It fits 1 x hybrid and 2 x road bikes really easily plus helmets and pump. It’s not the prettiest thing to have outside the house so we’ve pushed it back into a camellia bush and bought a narrow, deep planter and hope to get these two climbing roses to trail up the sides and over the top.

Addition Secure Steel Shed

Richard Meadows

Sturdy secure and smart. Took about 2 hours to assemble. Pleased with this product, it keeps dry inside too.

Review of Secure Steel Bike Store

Sam Wright

Fab selection of sizes of sheds, the Asgard Trojan plus was perfect in narrow pend but tardis like inside. Currently it’s storing a cast iron bath while the bathroom is stripped out. It will be a brill, secure bike shed after.

Metal Bike Storage

Barry & Sarah

Took delivery in the last couple of days of a new Asgard bike shed. Very pleased with it, very solid, please see attached photos. Took 2 hours to construct!

Brown Bike Shelter

Patricia Bailey

Just the job. We needed more space in the garage so the bikes had to go.
We had seen examples of your bike sheds when visiting relatives in London and researched them on your web site. Space was a premium and so at the cost of moving two rhubarb plants we selected the bike shelter- storage x 2.
We laid the foundation on bedded slabs and the assembly was straight forward for two people. It is smart and inconspicuous. Well worth the money.

Addition Shed In Garden

Wendy Evans

My happily situated Asgard Addition. Very pleased with the brown colour

Access Plus Bike Shed For 4 Bikes

Susan C

"Frustrated by lack of space in our garage to store our four bikes, we bought the Asgard Access Plus Metal Bike Shed. We love it! Bikes are safely stored away, kept clean and dry, and easily accessible. The Asgard team were super helpful, the delivery on time, and easy assembly.

Easy to Install Access E-Bike Storage

David Beecham

Might seem costly but good value for money. The unit arrived on time and was relatively easy to build. I managed it on my own and I’m 70 yo. I positioned mine on a printed concrete drive down the side of the house and used the supplied shims to level it up. I keep my e-bike in it and quite a bit of stuff out of my garage as there’s plenty of space. Very secure and heavy. Any would be tea leaf would make a real racket trying to steal my bike! Looks the business. Very satisfied with it and good value for money.

Bike Storage for Flats and Houses


Hi, it's actually my bike shed and I love it! Made using our bikes much easier. And now it looks even better.

Electric Bike High Security Shed

Philip Cope

I have just bought myself an electric bike for touring and have found the perfect shed to store it in whilst at the caravan. It was delivered on time and as soon as it arrived I and a friend put it together which took just over 4 hours, with the help of an electric screwdriver! Good step by step instructions saying how many screws needed in each place. I am very impressed with the shed - it looks good and there is plenty of room to store my bikes and garden tools too.

Vangard Storage Shed

Sue Collins

We have 2 Asgard sheds at our holiday home in The South of France. I shared the pictures last year and won shed of the month but we love them so much I thought I would share them again! They are really secure and we can store so much in them.

Access Bike Store


Out the kitchen window, cos it's chucking it down. 4 bikes (carefully) plus loads of odds and sods. Well worth the money.

Annexe Caravan Storage

Antony Ashby

These are extremely well made units managed to assembly both units on my own. These look good and are extremely secure locking system is top grade. Have ordered a gas bottle unit to tidy up that area as well.

Bike Shed With Bike Maintenance Gear Storage


Hey @asgardstorage thanks for getting my awesome Asgard Bike shed to me even in lockdown!! It's level and ready. #thievesdontbother #secureas**** #bikestorage #yeahbikes #chargeduster

Steel Bike Store

Derick Doughty

Mine under my carport - love it!!

Trojan Plus Storage

Joanne Tate

Bought this following a garage conversion and definitely our Best Buy to date

Step By Step Access Build by Jim

Jim Anderson

sooooooo worth it

Built to last outdoor Access Bike Shed

Jen Willingham

No more bikes in the house! Great bike shed. Having gradually accumulated 4 bikes between us, keeping them inside a tiny cottage was no longer an option! We had to excavate a section of the raised garden so that the shed wouldn’t take over our small patio, but it was worth the effort.
Despite the garden floor being uneven, we managed to lay concrete paving slabs evenly enough to assemble the shed easily, and it all slotted together with no problems. It fits all the bikes in comfortably, including helmets, shoes & track pump. We don’t have any of the shelves or hooks and seem to be coping fine so far.
All in all it’s a great shed, very secure, keeps everything dry and it’s easy to get the bikes in & out of. A happy customer! :)

Twin Bike Locker for 2 Bikes

Lulu McLulu

Our bike shed has been the unexpected hit of our lockdown! It gets the sun nearly all day & it the perfect spot for lunch!

Addition Bike In Shed

Chris Hopkins

Love mine!!!!

Centurion Steel Bike Shed Review

Gary Readshaw

The Asgard shed has been great for us, an ideal place to store tools and materials, safely and securely – being a remote location, its important that we have confidence that our equipment is safe and secure

Metal Garden Bike Shed

Caroline Hurst

With help, put up my Asgard shed today in less than two hours. Thanks to the extremely well made product and easy to follow instructions, this was a joy!! Well done, would definitely recommend buying one of these!

10 Year Review Steel Bike Shed

Carlos Dias-Madeira

After nearly 10 years of having my @asgardstorage protecting our 4 bikes in the front garden they deserve a shout out. The shed is like new! No rust, no issues, such a solid sound piece of kit. If you need a bike shed I couldn't recommend a better one!

Electric Bike Steel Storage

Yvonne Glen

Well worth the wait. Having spent a small fortune on two ebikes we needed secure storage and having searched the internet came across Asgard. The unit fits nicely in the space we had available and we are very happy with our purchase. It’s not cheap however as my father always says you get what you pay for! It’s sturdy, took two people around three hours to erect and houses the two bikes and accessories safely.