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Why is scooter theft so easy?

Scooter theft statistics

A quick look at the statistics shows that:

Over 20,000 scooters are stolen every year. Only 14% of stolen scooters are recovered. A thief can steal your scooter in under 20 seconds, which is the same amount of time it takes to steal a motorbike. 80% of scooter thefts are from the owners home, 50% of owners do not lock their scooters

How to keep your scooter safe from theft:

Keep you scooter locked when not in use, even if you are just leaving it for a short time. Chains and padlocks, disk locks, U-locks and immobilisers are all good deterrents.

A simple way to ensure your scooter is not stolen is to remove the spark plug or HT cap, it's quick, easy and doesn't cost you a penny. Plus it'll leave the thief with a bit of a shock.

Lock your scooter to something immovable like railings, lamp posts or bike post. Keep chains as tight to the machine as possible and ensure they are off the ground.

Always lock your scooter at home. Use a cover over your scooter if it is outside. If you can keep your scooter in an alarmed secure garage. For secure storage for your scooter, check out the Asgard high security metal garage, designed with scooter security in mind. Get more information on the Asgard Scooter Garage. 

Asgard scooter storage

 Figures and information provided by Gloucestershire Police.