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Where Should I Put My School Storage Shed?

Asgard outdoor school storage

When you're thinking about buying a shed for playground and other storage outside your school, there are several questions you might ask yourself about the shed itself but you also need to think about where the shed is going to be sited. Where is it going to go?

Metal Shed Base

A shed base should be as flat as possible

Will we need planning permission? 

It is extremely rare that planning permission is required to erect a shed in a school playground, because it is not classed as a permanent structure but if in any doubt please check with your local authority.


What kind of surface should the shed be sited on? 

Steel sheds should be built on a firm, level surface such as concrete, tarmac or paving slabs.This is necessary as these units are usually extremely heavy and there is the possibility of them sinking if placed on an unsuitable base. A shed manufactured from steel must also be able to distribute its weight correctly otherwise twisting may occur over a period of time.

Our playground is on a slight slope, will this be ok? 

Whilst it is occasionally okay to use packing when erecting a steel unit, it must be noted that this is only suitable on a very minimal slope. Ideally the base must be level in order to avoid twisting of the steel and to be able to bolt the unit to the ground securely. This will provide you with many years of hassle free secure storage for your playground equipment.

Our nursery playground is coated with a durable safety foam.  Can sheds be put on this type of surface?

This type of safety surface will be fine providing it is laid over concrete or tarmac. However it must be noted that depending on the thickness of the foam, it may be more difficult to bolt the unit to the concrete underneath.
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