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Trojan Plus Complete Bundle

Product code: BULKPACK87

WAS £804


Trojan Plus Metal ShedTrojan Plus Metal ShedUniversal Steel Storage HooksHeavy Duty Steel ShelfTrojan Plus Wooden Subfloor

  • Trojan Plus Metal Shed
  • Universal Steel Storage Hooks
  • Heavy Duty Steel Shelf
  • Trojan Plus Wooden Subfloor
  • Trojan Plus Metal Shed - Complete Bundle Pack

    Buy the Asgard Trojan Plus Metal Shed - Bundle Pack and save on the R.R.P.

    In this pack you will get:

    The industry acclaimed Trojan Plus Garden Store. 

    10 extra strong hooks – increase hanging storage with these hooks (made from weatherproof steel).

    2 x heavy duty shelves – easy storage solution for heavy items that don’t belong on the floor.

    1 x wooden subfloor – a subfloor to protect your sheds' metal floor.

    When ordering, please note that all metal work will match the colour of the unit. 

    The wooden subfloor will be a natural finish.

  • The Trojan Plus Metal Shed - Bundle Pack consists of:

    Asgard’s Trojan Plus Metal Shed. ThisTrojan Plus is a combination of all of the best bits of an Asgard shed. It is perfect for storing not only gardening items, tools and furniture, but also your cycling equipment, keeping everything safe and dry, even in the worst weather.

    10 extra strong hooks (made from weatherproof steel) - ideal for hanging all your garden tools and cycling equipment.

    2 x heavy duty shelves- an effortless way to keep heavy paint items and chemicals out of the reach of children and off the floor.

    1 x wooden subfloor – a wooden subfloor which is perfect for protecting your sheds metal floor from wear and tear. 

  • Customer Reviews

    Who needs a garage ? Review by



    Who needs a garage ? Well The second shed has arrived and we have successfully converted our garage to an extended Kitchen,utility and family room. Asgard has been great in finding somewhere to securely store all that which was garage contents, car excepted, but who puts the car in a garage anyway ?
    According to a Google search there are 53% of Households in the Uk with a garage and only 24% actually put a car in it, which leaves 77% needing an Asgard shed. We still have a small area left so are now considering a third shed to house a little more more. As with my previous review I would like to see a redesign to incorporate a gutter over the doors, or maybe even an add on which can be purchased as this would be my best friend - perfection personified.
    Almost perfect Review by



    I was so impressed with the build quality and security of this shed that I've ordered another one. I would have given five stars overall except for one minor criticism which can be resolved. The lip at the top of the shed and the forward slope means that rainwater drips down in front of the shed which is very uncomfortable when you need to get something on a rain day. The solution would be a sloping gutter going down to the right or left which could then be channelled into a water butt at the side of the shed,space permitting. The forward slope is good because any saved water becomes yours rather than it going behind the shed, possibly into a neighbours garden.We will probably fit our own gutter on to the shed but if Asgard could make that refinement it would be perfect.
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