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What features does a shed need to be secure?

What makes a shed secure?

In our previous Shed Security post we looked at the reasons why your shed needs to be secure.   
Whether you already have a shed or garden storage unit or are thinking of buying one, here are some tips on what to look for in a shed to ensure you have secure and safe storage:
  • Make sure all your garden equipment is secured in a strong unit with an adequate locking mechanism.
  • Bicycle storage is becoming very important.  A metal bike shed is by far the best option.  If you have a particularly expensive bike, or a lot of bikes, you should consider a dedicated metal bike shed.  If you already have or want to have a wooden shed then keep your tools in this and your bike in a metal shed.
  • Look for units that offer at least three-point locking systems (five-point locks are even better)
  • Look for approved locking systems such as LPCB approved locks
  • Locks with hasp and staples are too weak.  Try for a drill-proof cylinder lock, choose pick-resistant locks for the best quality.
  • For real security choose units that are made from a strong material such as brick or metal, not wood, which is much weaker.
  • Be wary of lightweight units which are often made from corrugated iron, and have either no base at all or one made of or a PVC material, which offers little protection from theft or from the elements.

5 Point Locking Systems Provide Extra Security

For more tips on shed security Read the full article on our Shedforce Blog.