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Why does your shed need to be secure?

Why do sheds need to be secure.

One of the main reasons to buy a shed or outdoor storage unit is for the security of knowing that your garden tools and other possessions are safe and secure from theft.
Thieves will seize anything they can sell, including patio furniture, ornaments, and electrical equipment, such as lawnmowers and pressure washers. 
Bike theft is also unfortunately on the increase.  The 'Cycle to work' scheme has seen a huge rise in bike sales, so there are many more bikes to steal!
Unfortunately, too, a thief will often break into your shed for your tools, then useyourtools to break into your house.
How can you prevent these kinds of losses?
Thieves love garden tools and equipment, not becasue they are all would be gardeners - because they are easy to sell and difficult to trace. Clearly marking items with your name and/or postcode using an approved identification kit (many available online) can deter thieves, especially when you also use window stickers which warn that your possessions are marked.

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