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Parcel Delivery Box - Wall mounted Option

Parcel Delivery Box - Wall mounted option

The secure Mini Parcel Delivery Box can be either bolted to the ground or fixed to the wall using the wall bracket provided.  See below for step by step instructions to mount the Mini Delivery Box against the wall. Please click to download your wall bracket template for fixing the Parcel Box against the wall
Insert screws through the bracket.Use the downloadable Wall Bracket Template to mark the 4 points to fix the wall bracket against the wall.
STEP 2Secure Wall BracketEnsure the wall bracket is level before inserting the screws and drilling into the wall.
STEP 3Ensure Bracket is levelRepeat for all 4 points of the wall bracket.
STEP 4Finally, attach and secure the unit to the wall bracket by fixing the screws through the unit and into the additional holes in the wall bracket.
For a further details, please refer to the Mini Delivery Box Assembly instructions here.